Look, my life is an open book.  I can’t help it if nobody wants to read the darn thing.  Speaking of books…  (wasn’t that a clever segue?)  I regret to announce that my upcoming book signing in Syria has been cancelled by the State (of confusion) Department.  Just as well.  My last engagement in Syria was a bomb.  (Oops, poor choice of words.)  Our tour bus broke down in Jerusalem and we had to walk all the way to the Syrian capital.  The road to Damascus was the turning point of my life, and me and a guy named Paul (our bus driver) found the experience rather heavenly.

But I undress, I mean, digress…..  Where was I?   First, I would like to thank Dr. Gary Rubenstein for the healing shoulder patches he provided to lessen the discomfort of my recent rotator cuff injury.  They worked wonders, and I am now back on the parallel bars, training for the Tokyo Olympics.  (Talk about “stretching” the truth!)

Second, I am proud to announce that DEVIL’S COVE  (Book three in the Adam Gold Mystery Series) was recently chosen as the “Outstanding New Mystery of the Year” by the Baytown Book Club of Harris County.  (Near Houston.)  Thank you, folks.  I greatly appreciate the award!   Incidentally, THE PRESLEY PLOT is in the final stage of revision, and if all goes well, it should be re-released at a gala book party sometime in October.  (Hopefully at Graceland in Memphis or at the Elvis Presley Center in Tupelo!)

My (semi) professional poker career took a direct hit last Thursday evening.  Just as the Mighty Cobra (me) was closing in on the final table and the championship, I ran into “The Black Widow.”   (The new poker name of the beautiful and talented Sharon Francia.)  I had 3 eights, and was reaching for a mountain of chips, when Sharon announced that the third “8” gave her a straight!  (Thereby sending me “straight home.”)  I’m telling you, life just ain’t fair!

But, please, do not feel sorry for me…..  Last night we attended a delightful pool party, given by the Prince and Princess of Portugal, Lee and Helena Bomblatus.   The food, conversation, and weather were perfect!  We dined on gourmet cheese, prosciutto and melon, insalata caprese, corn pudding, and marvelous grilled salmon.  (Washed down with some darn good wine!)  It was a memorable meal, and a lovely way to slide into September.  Our host and hostess are on their way to Portugal for an extended vacation, and we wish them well!  (Bring back some olives for me!)

Tonight is another party, but this one is downtown….. at a terrific new brewery in Austin.  (Pale Dog IPA)  I know what you’re thinking….  when does this man have time to write?  To be honest, I write between naps.  Not an easy task, but somebody has to do it.  (Now that Vince Flynn and Elmore Leonard are gone.)  Granted, there is a great deal of pressure on me, but I can handle the stress.  I’m tough as nails.  (fingernails!)

Well, my dear friends, I must leave you now…..  I am on my way to Castle Hill Fitness Center, where, upon my arrival, I shall receive a wonderful deep tissue massage.  I’m sure this will be a “touching” experience.  Please keep those cards and letters coming, have a safe week, and enjoy life!

Love to all……

Doc Yanoff

P.S.   I’d like to wish all of my Jewish acquaintances a Happy and Healthy New Year!


STAY OUT OF TEXAS!  Actually, the phrase goes like this…  “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.”  Truman said that.  Who knew that Truman Capote was so concerned about the weather?  Live and learn.  Make that, live and burn, if you live in Texas.  So here’s the deal…  Yesterday it was 106 degrees, which keeps the riff raff off of the golf course, and this morning it is 75 degrees.  By my calculation, that would be a 31 degree swing!  (The participation is 40%)  I think more folks would participate if it was cooler.  Just saying.

As you can see, we are now enjoying the “Dog Days of Summer.”  (The weather has been very “ruff.”)  Just in case you become a contestant on a game show, I think you should know that this term applies to a 40-day period from early July to early September.  There are many myths concerning the origin of the term, but in fact, it was coined in ancient Rome.  “Dog Days” refers to the rising and setting of the second brightest star besides the sun.  (no, not me.)  That would be Sirius, the Dog Star.  Sirius was one “hot dog.”  During this 40 day period, the temperatures rose astronomically, so to speak, and folks began to refer to the “Dog Days” of the year.

I know what you’re thinking.  Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.  Well, just for the record, that quote is often misattributed to Mark Twain (one of my literary idols).  In fact, it was first uttered by Charles Dudley Walker, an American essayist and novelist.  (Who was also a close friend of Mark Twain.)  So you see, I’m not the only one who steals material from a colleague!  (As I often say, “If they ain’t heard it before, it’s original!)

And speaking of original ideas and literary genius…..  THE PRESLEY PLOT and MURDER ON MAIDEN LANE continue to rack up some impressive sales, and earlier this week, our blog gained two new countries!  Yours truly is now a best-selling author in the Philippines and in Madagascar!  (Just between you and me, Madagascar sounds like a race car organization.  But hey, the place has a population of 18 million readers, I mean, people.)  In any case, WELCOME TO MY BLOG!

Last Friday was an important day in the world of quality literature.  I finally finished my final revisions on DEVIL’S COVE, and the manuscript was sent to the printer!  We also corrected the spacing of the letters on the front cover, and now it looks marvelous, simply marvelous.  I’m told that I should have the first copy in several weeks, and then shortly thereafter, it will be available on all of the major internet markets.  Please feel obligated to purchase at least one copy.  (My air-conditioning bill is going to be high this month!)

I shall leave you with this profound thought….   All of us could take a lesson from the weather.  It pays no attention to criticism!

Have a safe and pleasant week…..    Love to all,

Doc Yanoff