Well, almost off.  I was supposed to be running in today’s 26th Annual Austin Marathon, but I overslept and missed the entire race!  I am soooo annoyed.  I hate to admit it, but this is the 26th time that I have overslept and missed the dang race!  What the heck is wrong with me?  (Not enough time to go into that!)  I was hoping to participate so that I could get in shape for my upcoming appearance on “Dancing With The Stairs.”  (A new show that offers you a chance to “get up in the world.”)  Speaking of getting up in the world, did you know that one of my brothers was an orphan?  My brother Ron was born during an elevator strike.  He had nobody to bring him up.  Very sad.

I would actually be a good dancer except for two things.  My feet.  I simply lack the muscular coordination to glide effortlessly around the dance floor.  Of course, that has not stopped me from trying.  My grand-daddy told me that I should enjoy dancing and dance as if nobody was watching… because in my case, they weren’t!

Since we are on the subject of “effortless movement,” allow me to address a number of inquiries about my last voyage to the sun-drenched Caribbean.  A rather large number of my blog followers have asked me to write more about my travels, since they love the topic or might be planning their own adventure.  Your wish is my command!  Shall we start with Turks & Caicos?  Lovely little islands, almost always warm and sunny.  Not much to do if you don’t swim, snorkel, or scuba dive.  I enjoy all three activities, and the water in this part of the world is G-R-E-A-T!  They have 2 or 3 beaches that are worth a visit, and all of the beaches are open to the public.  (You may have to rent a chair & umbrella on some beaches.)  No food worth dreaming about, but the locals are sweet and gracious, and they do have some very good rum.

The Turks & Caicos are actually a group of about 40 islands clustered together.  The Caicos are the larger islands, and the Turks the smaller ones.  Population somewhere around 33,000 (depending on Hurricanes!)  If you’re a water rat like me, you should seek out the island of Providenciales (known as Provo).  Here you will find an incredible 14-mile-long barrier reef filled with every imaginable fish, and if you’re lucky, you might find some pirate treasure!

I love this spot for several reasons, and if you want to learn more about the area, you should read my second “Adam Gold mystery,” titled, THE PIRATE PATH.  We actually handled a fascinating insurance claim in the Bahamas, so if you want to learn more, check out the book.  Most of it is true.  (Like my life!)

So what else is new?  Well, congratulations to the gorgeous owner of the COVE BOUTIQUE on Congress Avenue.  (Downtown Austin)  I understand that the lovely establishment was recently named as “the best new clothing store in Austin,” and also posted its most profitable day since opening!  Wow, quite impressive for a store that has only been open for one year.  (I wish the owner would buy me a condo in Hawaii!)  Hey, is that too much to ask of my own daughter?  I think not.

By the way, several of my astute blog followers have asked about the poker tournaments on my last voyage.  (They probably want to borrow some money)  Well, I got lucky.  Very lucky.  I won the first big tournament (with a pair of deuces!) and came in 4th in the second tournament.  The pay-out was fairly substantial, and covered most of my trip expenses.  (If you work for the IRS, please disregard this entire blog!)

In closing, I would like to thank my friends at the Broken Spoke for a most entertaining evening.  After my last beer-fest, I told myself that I was drinking too much.  Then I thought about it and realized that I was being foolish.  Why should I listen to a guy who gets drunk and talks to himself?  (Just saying.)

Finally, I would like to send some special thoughts and prayers to Mrs. Margaret Bell, a VERY dear friend and one of the most remarkable and lovely ladies I have ever met.  Get well soon, Miss Margaret.  I miss my margarita buddy!

Well, time to run.  I am spending this afternoon in deep contemplation, trying to figure out how those little insects manage to get inside a sealed light bulb.  Very puzzling.  Nevertheless, I wish you well, and hope you have a safe and pleasant week!  Love to all…..

Doc Yanoff


P.S.   The winner of last week’s trivia contest (and a $200 gift card) was Gianmario Sanguineti of Milan, Italy.  Well done, sir!





OMG, I leave the country for a couple of weeks, and the world begins to fall apart! (Or maybe just the west coast)  I just read that the groovy citizens of California are seriously considering c-section!  Oh wait, make that secession.  Either one would be foolish, and if I remember correctly, secession has been tried before.  I don’t remember the details, but I think it ended rather poorly.  In any case, I hope our confused brethren  don’t leave until my books have been optioned by Hollywood.  (Talk about national tragedies!)

Frankly, I think that some of the protest signs have been a little questionable.  One guy had a “Stop” sign, and some old hippie chick had a yellow “Yield” sign.  Man, talk about mixed messages!  My favorite signs were “Slippery When Wet” and “No U-Turn.”  (I don’t intend to touch these jokes with a “ten foot pole!”)  Besides, methinks I doth protest too much.  (See how I slip those clever literary references into my blog?)

Well, I had my first book signing at a full-fledged honky -tonk last week, and it was great fun.  Did you know that the word “tonk” used to mean piano?  So when a fellow honked the tonk, he played some music.  I thought you might find that interesting.  One old cowboy came up to me and asked if I knew the difference between a dog and a fox.  (The answer?  Nine shots of tequila!)  By the way, if you haven’t been to Giddings, you should go there.  (The folks in Giddings get a little giddy after those tequila shots!)

For those of you who have inquired about the release date of my next historical masterpiece (TURBULENT TIMES), we are looking at early May.  I recently had the pleasure (?) of reviewing 932 endnotes, which only took two weeks!  Don’t ask me why, but I wound up with over 300 books on my bibliography!   Actually, I had to do quite a bit of research for this book, as many of my “factoids” have never been presented to the public before.  When you present startling information, you must leave a paper trail for subsequent authors and researchers.  Very time-consuming, but such is life.

So what else is new?  Well, last week’s gala dinner honoring Judge Susan and the Princess of Portugal was absolutely fabulous.  (Both ladies turned 39!)  The invited guests (and a few party-crashers) dined on Chicken Patriciano, eggplant parmigiana, and assorted Italian greens.  As usual, the gluttons (me) overate, over-drank, and over-stayed their welcome.  You know, it’s not easy to over-stay your welcome when the party is at your own house, but I managed to do it!)

Incidentally, for those of you who live in the Southeastern portion of America, please mark your calendars that I will be coming to Savannah and Charleston in May to pick up my recent literary award.  (My last mystery novel, A RUN FOR THE MONEY, won a major award in January.)  I am really looking forward to returning to “the scene of the crime,” so to speak.  The book, or most of it, takes place in the South Carolina Low Country.  Get those mint juleps ready!

Finally, I would like to extend a belated birthday wish to the captain of our recent ship voyage.  (Captain Sven “Iceberg” Olson, of Oslo, Norway)  I remember asking him (last month) about our particular vessel.  I asked him how frequently smaller ships sink.  He said, “Only once.”   Well, that was certainly a reassuring answer.  (Now you know why I sleep with my life preserver on!)

In closing, I would like to congratulate my cousin Max, who recently caught (and released) a huge, 8-pound bass in Florida!  (Yes, he provided photographic evidence.)  Max used a special pole (a south pole, I believe) to catch the behemoth, and then, coincidentally, watched some pole dancing back at the lodge.  Ah, wilderness!  (Do I sound jealous?)  Don’t feel sorry for me, endnotes can be very stimulating.  (Yeah, right.)

Well, my friends, keep those cards and letters coming.  And… if you want to win a gift card… be the first to provide the correct answer to the following question:   What famous person rented a house from William H. Seward during the Civil War?

Good luck, and have a safe and happy week!  Love to all,

Doc Yanoff



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AHOY THERE, landlubbers!  Captain Kidder (yours truly) has returned from his 3-week nautical adventure on the high seas.  Actually, I never got “high,” but I did consume a fair amount of rum.  One guy on our ship drank a gallon of shellac and died, but he had a “nice finish.”  (Ouch!)  I recently returned to lovely Austin, Texas, and I’m glad to be home.  (I didn’t want to miss the end of cedar season!)  In any case, it’s great to be back, but I do miss the warm salt air and the fragrance of Coppertone suntan lotion.  By the way, my wife also loves Coppertone lotion.  (She supports the women’s lubrication movement!  Frankly, so do I, but I won’t go there right now.)

My recent sojourn began in Boca Raton, Florida, the land of silk and money.  During our voyage we covered roughly 3,000 nautical miles, but since I was on a ship, I stayed dry.  (Or was that my martini?)  Naturally, I made many new friends, sold some books, and gained a few more blog followers.  (We will probably have 50,000 followers by the end of 2017!)

As most of you know, I LOVE the Caribbean, and not just because the locals named a dish after me.  (Jerk Chicken)  This voyage started in the Turks & Caicos, but I didn’t meet any Turks or Caicos.  From there we sailed to Puerto Rico to visit my hubcaps.  After San Juan, we traveled to Tortola, which is part of the British Virgin Islands.  Not to complain, but once again I did not meet a single virgin.  After leaving Tortola, we stopped in a remote and lovely spot called Punta Cana, which is located on the eastern end of the Dominican Republic.  Punta Cana is GORGEOUS, and has soft white sand and crystal clear water.  Great diving, snorkeling, and swimming.  We were actually the very first “touristas” to ever visit by ship, and it was well worth the stop.  The Dominicans are gracious and welcoming, but don’t confuse the Dominican Republic with the island of Dominica, which is much further south.  (If you do, they will throw a coconut at your head!)

Our final port of call was Nassau, in the Bahamas, where I spent the day scouting movie locations for my second mystery novel, THE PIRATE PATH.  (More on that later)  I would like to thank our hosts at the Melia Beach Resort for a truly memorable visit.  The weather, water, and women were perfect!  (Remind me to tell you my “Coppertone story.”  Let’s just say that I rubbed a few chicks the wrong way!)

Of course, the best part of spending much of your adult life on a cruise ship is meeting other travelers, and this voyage was no exception.  In fact, I’d like to say “howdy” to a few of my new friends, which includes, Jon & Candace Hatch (our “Happy Hour” buddies) Jerry & Miriam Klein from Nashville, and Cyril & Joan Villiers from the U.K.  It was such a pleasure to wine and dine with you folks!

Well, now that I’m “back in the saddle,” I have to review the final editing revisions on my next history book, titled, TURBULENT TIMES.  (The Remarkable Life of William H. Seward)  The publisher is aiming for a May 1st release date, which would arrive just in time for the summer season.  (I can’t believe that I now have to read my own writing!  For the third time!)

In closing, I would like to thank the D.H.S. for allowing me to re-enter the country.  Apparently they did not hear about the “Coppertone incident” on St. Barts, which was our second stop.  Nor did they learn about the “topless” photographs that I took on the island of Antigua.  (Our fourth stop.)  Those dang French ladies are more modest that they appear to be… and they can run very quickly in thongs… the thongs you wear on your feet!)

I will post some (uncensored) photographs on my next blog, but don’t get your hopes up.  The topless photographs were confiscated by some pervert in Customs.  Besides, my wife only let me take pictures of the men on the beach!  (That woman is such a prude!)  Well, be well and have yourselves a safe and joyful week.  Speak to you next Sunday…..

Love to all,

Doc Yanoff





Well, I can’t complain about our recent weather.  (Almost 85 degrees on and after Christmas Day!)  Besides, as Mark Twain once said, everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it!  (Actually, Mr. Twain “borrowed” the saying from Charles D. Warner, but as I always say, “If they ain’t heard it before, then it’s original!”)  Nevertheless, I hope that all of my loyal and loving blog followers had a marvelous holiday season.  I got everything I asked for, except the poster of Marilyn Monroe.  (My wife thought, that since I love history, I wanted a poster of James Monroe!  NOT!)

Speaking of gifts….  The Third Annual Festive-Us gourmet get-together at the Austin Club was a HUGE success.  Lots of wine, but no whining.  Great food, and great conversation.  (At our end of the table!)  Many thanks to our generous hosts, Dr. Max Talbott and his lovely bride, Miss Barbara “Bon Appetite” Talbott.  This year’s table gift (for the men) was a pair of rather colorful underwear with VERY special embroidery.  (By the way, they were NOT edible.  I speak from personal experience, but cannot elaborate!)

In order to insure that none of us sober up too quickly, we will be attending the first gala shindig of the year (tomorrow night) at the villa of the Princess of Portugal and her handsome hubby, Baron Lee.  She said something about a “pot luck” dinner, which with any luck, will NOT include any pot!  (Just some dirty pans!)  I’ll be trying to score a lobster tail, or a kiss from Countess Connie, the guest of honor.  Either way, I’ll be “buttering” someone up!

Hey, speaking of sweet things (Countess Connie) I would like to direct your attention to a GREAT new book of poetry from my friend, Gina McKnight.  Gina is a terrific poet who has a wonderful new book out, titled, “Poetry from the Field.”  (The talented author is also an accomplished horse rider & trainer!)  If you want to learn more about her poems, simply go to:

And since we’re on the subject of horses…..  my new mystery novel, A RUN FOR THE MONEY, has become a best-seller in several Charleston (S.C.) bookstores.  If you love stories about the Low Country, or simply enjoy a good read, then this is the book for you.  (Yes, you can “bet on it!”)  Hey, never pass up a good pun!  (or one of mine!)

Just for the record…   A big hug and kiss to Miss Rebecca Lee Yanoff for supplying a cold bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne for our New Year’s Eve Dinner, which consisted of homemade…  (are you New Yorkers sitting down?) linguini with white clam sauce!  Homemade Italian bread!  Imported salami & cheese!  And, thanks to my generous brother-in-law, fresh ricotta-filled cannoli pastries!  Mama mia, my stomach is still bulging!

By the way, do you think those clams were purchased at a Shell station?  (I warned you about those puns!)

Lastly, I keep receiving mail from something called the Neptune Society.  I assume that this is a scuba diving organization, but I’m not sure.  I did not see a photo of Jacques Cousteau on the envelope, so I didn’t open it.  I’m dying to know who these folks are.  If you have any ideas, keep them to yourself, I mean, send them along!

Finally, a word of special love to my Aunt Gladys and Aunt Thelma for their lovely holiday cards.  (Did you ladies forget the checks again?)  No problem, you can take me to lunch the next time I come to Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.  Until then, a HUGE kiss and hug to both of you sweet Southern belles!  Also, a special hug & kiss to Mother Bunny (her nickname) the darling mother of Christine Nickles, one of my oldest and dearest friends.  Best wishes heading out to Pennsylvania today!

Before I close (for real this time) I would like to mention that our little blog has recently received notification that we were chosen as one of the “BEST BLOGS OF 2016” by the folks at WordPress, Inc.   Our site (which is yours and mine) was singled out for praise as being one of the most widely read blogs in America, and one of the most clever!  Just remember, folks, I could not have done it without you!  So thank you very much!  (Your check is in the mail!)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Happy New Year to you and yours, and we shall chat again throughout 2017!

Love to all,

Doc Yanoff





Just returned from my enchanting weekend in America’s 4th largest city, and I was duly impressed, except for the number of motorized vehicles zooming down Interstate 10.  Dang, those Houstonians really drive fast.  I was doing 50-55 miles per hour on the Interstate and folks were passing me by like I was standing still!  Would you believe that a Schwinn cut me off?  Jeez, that was embarrassing.  (Her training wheels almost hit my bumper!)  Still, we had a marvelous time, and Houston is one happening place.

My date and I stayed in a fancy hotel (The Dew Drop Inn) near the Galleria, which is one gorgeous shopping mall.  They even have an ice-skating rink in the middle of the mall!  I wonder if the rink becomes a pool during the summer?  We were in Houston to meet my new literary proteges, sign a few books, and (most importantly) attend a gala Christmas party hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Mark McCloskey.  Boy, was that a great party.  Amazing food, wonderful spirits, and a truly fascinating crowd.  Since nobody knew me (as usual) I introduced myself as Stephen King, and I took the liberty of signing a few autographs.  (and one bank draft to pay for the crystal wine glass I broke!)  Thanks, Mark & Mayvic for a memorable event!

And since we are on the subject of “memorable events,” allow me to thank the wonderful folks at the Houston Museum of Natural Science for a THRILLING afternoon with the “Mummies of Ancient Egypt,” an event that I will remember for a long, long time.  As a former archaeologist (make that, treasure hunter) I was fascinated with the incredible collection of Egyptian artifacts I stole, I mean, viewed up close and personal.  (I am sorry for my lame jokes about being in denial (in the Nile), the $10,000 Pyramid, and the Pharaoh whose socks “Sphinx.”  Still, you must admit that my riddle (what type of music did a mummy listen to?) was pretty clever.  The answer, of course, is “wrap music!”

By the way, some of you have probably heard that I’ve been contacted by Donald Trump’s transmission team.  (Yes, I got the word right.)  They want to meet me at Jiffy-Lube on Wednesday!  I’ll probably have to “grease a few palms” to get a position.  My uncle used to grease palms in Florida.  (He was a slick guy.)  Have I mentioned his “branch” of the family?  He was a mean guy, but his bark was worse than his bite.  (What’s with all the tree jokes?)

Finally, or close to it, I would like to thank my old high school buddy, Mr. Glenn Fitzgerald (Vice President of Proluxe) for sending me a VERY cool gift.  What could possibly be better than a bottle of Nolet’s Gin (the world’s best) engraved with…. the title of your last mystery novel!  Yep, I just received a bottle with the title, A RUN FOR THE MONEY, inscribed on the label!  Do I drink the contents or save the bottle for posterity?  Or puberty?  Or prosperity?  (You and I know that the Gin is living on borrowed time!)  Anyway, thank you, Glenn.  A very thoughtful gesture!

Almost lastly… I would like to extend a belated “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to the Princess of Portugal, who recently turned 39 and looks marvelous, absolutely marvelous!  (Baron Lee is pretty darn hot, too!)  I will forward a (semi) expensive gift after Christmas.  (When the sales start)  Until then, please know that you folks are constantly in our thoughts.

In closing…. since I will be quite busy for the next week or so, please allow me to wish a very sincere MERRY CHRISTMAS and/or HAPPY HANUKKAH to all of my wonderful blog followers in America and throughout the world.  This has been another incredible year in both a literary and personal sense, and I am fully aware that I owe ALL of my success to the thousands of people who have become blog followers and supporters.  Your friendship and encouragement means the world to me, and I wish you all a HAPPY, HEALTY, AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!





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How’s that for alliteration?  By the way, alliteration has nothing to do with dogs or puppies.  (Just saying.)  I posted this headline to remind my blog followers that, despite my best intentions, I could not resolve the ongoing dispute between the Nobel Prize Committee and Bob Dylan.  (Who sent a lousy note of thanks, instead of showing up for the ceremony.)  I offered to fly to Sweden and accept the loot, but they refused to show me the money.  I even offered to pretend that I was a (more) famous writer, such as Dylan Thomas.  Nope, that wasn’t good enough.  Marshal Dylan was out, too.  (Do you think James Arness drove a Dodge?)  Well, you can’t say that I didn’t try.

Now you know why I prefer the Danish.  (Some good pastry jokes here!)  I still say that the only good thing about Sweden was Inger Stevens.  (And you folks know what happened to that poor girl!)  Anyway, I’m not bitter, I just sound it.  Personally, I’d rather have that Beverly Hills Award I mentioned last week.  (No Lutefisk at our awards dinner!)  Time to move on, but don’t be surprised if I ask for a recount.  (Everyone else is!)

So what else is new?  Well, for one thing, my next book tour (and rum swigging adventure) has finally been announced in the trade papers.  However, you don’t have to trade papers to learn my itinerary.  Here it is (roughly) subject to final approval from the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity:   First, the Cayman Cookout on January 12-15 (featuring the infamous chef, Anthony Mundane) is still questionable, BUT I will definitely have a presence (or some presents) on the following Caribbean islands….  Grand Turk, Puerto Rico, St. Bart’s, Antigua, Tortola, and the Dominican Republic.

All of my (somewhat) brilliant mystery novels, and my (semi) interesting nonfiction masterpiece, THE SECOND MOURNING, will be available at all of the book festivals scheduled for 2017.  If you find yourselves in the Caribbean (well, not IN the Caribbean, but near it) you should attend an event.  These festivals are really quite interesting (great food and drink) and you will be helping the local economy.  (Not to mention enriching me!)  Jeez, I said not to mention that!  What’s wrong with this blog editor?  Anyway, it should be great fun, and another wonderful tax deduction, I mean, literary event.

Speaking of great fun, the winner of our last trivia contest was Judith Freeman of Bozeman, Montana.  (Just south of Muleshoe and a little north of Bellylint)  Just kidding, I know where Bozeman is, and it is quite lovely.  Ms. Freeman gave the correct answer to the following question:  “What was the name of Jesse James’ favorite horse?”  Her answer?  The outlaw had 4 favorites!  (Another trick question!)  Not only did she get the number right, but she also knew their names!  (Katie, Skyrocket, Stonewall, and Red Fox.)  Congratulations, and she will now receive a $300 gift card to Home Depot.  (God, my blog followers are soooooo smart!)

And since we are on the subject of “congratulations,” allow me to congratulate Mr. Adam Zell, my hard-working, Pittsburg-Steeler-Loving, son-in law, who recently received the Diamond Club Award from Realty Austin (one of our city’s most prominent realtors) for selling over…..  (drum roll, please!)…..  $10,000,000 in real estate!  We are very proud of Adam, and this is truly a great accomplishment.  (But slightly below marrying my daughter and producing Miss Goldie!)  If the boy was a Yankee fan, he’d be perfect!

Well, dear friends, I must start packing for my next appearance.  I have some special events lined up in Houston this coming weekend, and a HUGE party to attend on Wednesday and Thursday.  (Thursday is our annual Steiner Ranch Poker & Pilsner Party.  Thanks to the generosity of Rich & Sharon Walker (two other great realtors in Austin) we will be celebrating a decade of poker decadence and downright dependency!  (I’m really starting to enjoy this alliteration thing.)

We shall chat again upon thy return!  (assuming I can find my way out of Houston!)  Until then, be well, and God Bless…   Love to all,

Doc Yanoff


***  God-willing, there might be a photo or two attached to this blog!





How true, how true.  Over the years I’ve learned that self-doubt is a writer’s worst enemy.  Of course, I could be wrong about that.  I’m not really sure.  Repeating one’s self is also a problem.  A big problem.  A very big problem.  You might be wondering where I’m going with this routine… I have no idea.  Perhaps I’m still bitter about not winning that dang Nobel Prize for Literature.  I had such a good acceptance speech!  These were my opening remarks….  “My fellow Scandinavians, I dream of a better world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned!  I dream of a day when the Kardashians are buried not in publicity, but in an avalanche of snow!  I dream of Jeannie!”   (The chicken joke was for my friends who went to “Perdue University!”)

Oh well, no use crying over melted snow.  Besides, I recently received a literary honor equal to the Nobel Prize.  (In my mother’s eyes)  Last week, the newest “Adam Gold Mystery,” titled, A RUN FOR THE MONEY, was chosen as one of the “Best Mystery Novels of 2016!”  This honor was bestowed upon thee by the prestigious 5th Annual Beverly Hills International Book Awards.  The judges were kind enough to mention me in their press release, which stated that, “Yanoff’s clever mystery embodies the excellence that this award was created to celebrate, and the judges salute him for his fine work.”  Very kind words.  I appreciate the award and look forward to meeting some of my fellow writers at the gala ceremony in Los Angeles, which might be hosted by Tom Selleck!  (There goes my marriage!)

Before I forget, I would also like to thank Ms. Hannah Reed, the publisher of “River Place Living Magazine,” for publishing a full-page article about me and my books.  The article, which was written by a super-talented gentleman named George Lowe, appears on page 25.  (You’ll see my ugly mug at the top of the page.)  Thanks again for a great interview and a fascinating article.  (God, I love reading about brilliant and humble authors!)

And since we are on the subjects of “greatness” and “magazine articles,” allow me to be the first to congratulate Ms. Rebecca L. Yanoff (my youngest daughter) for her latest amazing accomplishment….  Rebecca’s clothing store, COVE BOUTIQUE, was recently named as the “Best New Clothing Store in Austin!”  The award was announced in this month’s edition of Austin Monthly Magazine.  (The citizens of Austin nominated the stores and voted for their favorite shopping venue.)  If you find yourself downtown, just head on over to 1318 S. Congress Avenue.  (Across the street from Perla’s Restaurant.)  Mention my name and you will receive a free (wire) hanger!  (Then go to Perla’s and order a hanger steak!)

Now for some REALLY big news….  as some of you know, we have been attracting a lot of new blog followers this year.  If the trend continues, we will soon surpass the magic number of 40,000 blog followers!  Well, if you can convince a friend or relative to join our blog, they will be eligible to win a FREE trip to Rome!  (Only new blog members are eligible!)  The prize will be awarded in March, so get out there and spread the word!  (There is never any cost or obligation to remain a follower)  Winners will, however, be obligated to bring me back a cannoli and some wine!

Well, I must take my leave…  today is the day that we are choosing the photographic inserts for my new history book, TURBULENT TIMES.  (The Remarkable Life of William H. Seward)  I only have to review several hundred photographs, so this should be a snap.  (Meaning that I will probably snap!)  Where the heck is that Jose Cuervo fellow when you need him?

Hasta la vista, baby!  Love to all,

Doc Yanoff


P.S.  Semi-nude photos attached.  (Made you look!)



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