WELL, WE DID IT!  (Actually, YOU did it.)  Thanks to you we have just reached, and will soon surpass, a very important milestone.

Our blog, “BOOKS BY STEPHENGYANOFF,” now has over 2,000 followers!

Yep, you read that right!  Over 2,000 dedicated followers!

Before I continue, I must thank all of the individuals, Elvis Fan Club Members, and my Linkedin connections for making this possible.  So…  thank you, thank you, thank you!  Words cannot express my gratitude.  I really appreciate your support, and I promise to keep the good stuff coming.  (And the bad jokes, too!)

Incidentally, thanks to you, THE PRESLEY PLOT can now be found and purchased at,, Better World Books, Google Books, Tower Books, and on Kindle!  Simply amazing!  (Hollywood has also reached out, but I will share the details later….. when I have more to report.)  Until then, just know that I am plugging along, and that I have just finished proof-reading my second mystery…. titled MURDER ON MAIDEN LANE.  In fact, I am now halfway through my third manuscript, which is set in Texas, and titled DEVIL’S COVE.  (No sense resting on my laurels…. or my hardys.)

Well, this will be a short missive, as I just wanted to share the news with you…. and let you know that things are proceeding nicely.  Very nicely!

Until we meet again…..  Take care and have a wonderful week.

Love to all,

Doc Yanoff




No, my friends, not THE PRESLEY PLOT!   The other Good Book.  (The Holy Bible)    I have some interesting news to report, and as you might imagine, it will be the “gospel truth!”  (Surely you saw that one coming!)   Well, in any case, check this out…..

A bible once owned by ELVIS PRESLEY (a Chrisitmas gift from his uncle way back in 1957) was recently sold at auction (in England) for the incredibly sum of …..  59,000 Pounds!

So, you might wonder, how much would that be in U.S. currency?  How does $94,000 sound?  (I hope it sounds good, because that’s the amount.)  My mom always said that the Scriptures can enrich the soul, but she never mentioned an exact number.

I had heard rumors about this auction when I was in London two weeks ago, but I  had no idea that the worn and tattered Bible would fetch such a handsome price.  The big numbers are usually reserved for books or manuscripts that are in good to excellent condition.  The Presley Bible was in fair condition at best, but that just proves how valuable anything connected to the King can be.  When I heard the news I wondered what two reels of never-before-heard songs by Elvis Presley might be worth.  Just between you and me, that would be a good plot for a mystery novel.  (Sounds a little familiar to me!)

Anyway, I understand that an American gentleman was the winning bidder, but the dear boy did not wish to be identified.  (NO, it was not me!)  However, I should mention that there were over 300 bidders involved at the auction and hundreds more bidding online.  (Including a certain mystery author from Austin, Texas.)  In case you’re curious, the Bible was leather-bound with gold lettering on the cover.  Roughly 1600 pages long.  And now for the best part…..  there were at least 20-30 annotations by the King himself!  (How cool!)

One of the entries written by ELVIS read…..  “To judge a man by his weakest link or deed is like judging the power of the ocean by one wave.”  (I always attributed this saying to Jacques Cousteau, but I guess I was wrong.)  Nevertheless, it is a very deep thought and speaks volumes about the man himself.  I wonder what he was referring to?  I don’t suppose we will ever know for sure, but it’s quite intriguing.

Finally, in light of my September 4th blog (“I see London, I see France… “) you might be interested to know that one of the few items that did NOT sell was a pair of underwear once worn by Elvis himself!  Would this be considered a “stain” on the event?  The underwear was shown “briefly,” but alas, there were no bidders.  Again, I do not wish to make a “big flap,” about this, but I am surprised.  (I can’t think of any Fruit of the Loom jokes, so let’s move on.)

On my next blog post I have some exciting news about our blog membership level and all of the new outlets that are now offering THE PRESLEY PLOT.

If I were you, I would stay home, forget about work, grab a cold beer, and wait for the next post.  (Welcome to my world!)

Love to all,

Doc Yanoff