THE PRESLEY PLOT continues to spread like a summer rash!  (Make that a wildfire.)  Thanks to one of my oldest and dearest friends the book is now in the welcoming hands of the ELVIS FAN CLUB OF VIENNA, AUSTRIA!  (Danke, Miss Ingrid!)  I hope our Austrian friends enjoy the book.  Maybe they will send me some chocolate or some strudel in return!  (Hint, hint)

Speaking of foreign countries…… our blog, “Booksbystephengyanoff,” can now be seen  in Russia, Turkey, Israel, and Ethiopia!  (Welcome to the club, folks.)  These new locations join 33 other nations around the globe.  So… welcome!  Keep those cards and letters coming and encourage your family and friends to become followers.  There is no cost or obligation to subscribe, and we run an equal opportunity to amuse site.  (K.G.B. members are not allowed to post comments.)

Now for the news…..

I recently had an opportunity to donate some books to a wonderful organization called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  The folks that run the Austin chapter are going to use the books in a special gift basket that will auctioned off later this month.  (A great fund-raising idea!)  If you are located in Central Texas, I strongly urge you to support this group any way you can.  They do some wonderful work and need all the help they can get.  By the way, if your group needs some autographed books to raise funds, just contact me and I will be happy to send them along.

Those of you with a keen eye for beauty might have noticed that I now have a new photograph of myself on the blog site.  At the request of my family and friends, I actually posed for a professional photographer.  (No, I didn’t take the head shot in a booth at the mall.)  I did that the first time around.  This time I paid big bucks so that my image, in all of its magnificent glory, would be captured on film.  Of course, you can still blow it up and use it on a dart board if you wish.  (I’ll get “the point” if you do that.)

Finally, on this day, in 1949,  Elvis and his family were accepted into the Memphis Housing Authority’s Lauderdale Courts.  (Nowhere near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.)  They had to pay a whopping $35 a month for a 2 bedroom, first floor apartment.  Vernon Presley (Elvis Presley’s father) was making less than $100 a month at the time, so this was not exactly “chicken feed” for them.  They managed to “scratch out” the rent each month, but the place was really “foul.”  (All right, I won’t use my joke about a “Pecking Order!”)  Let’s just say that the King came from humble beginnings, which is why he seemed to honestly appreciate his later success.  As they say, fairy tales can come true, they can happen to you …..

Well, that’s all for now.  I am playing in a huge poker tournament tonight…. so I must take a nap before the game begins.  When I get  to the game I will let the chips fall where they may!  (Hopefully in my pocket!)   Have a great day and be careful driving…..

Love to all,

Doc Yanoff


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen…..  (I assume it’s morning!)

I have some truly amazing news to share with you today…..  THE PRESLEY PLOT is now being sold in the gift shop aboard our ship, The River Royale, and it has become an instant best-seller!  Granted, it is the only book for sale, but why does that matter?  Seriously, though, you can imagine my surprise when I walked out of the dining room last night and peeked into the gift shop and saw my own book in the book rack!  Who, I wondered, could have placed so many copies of my mystery novel on the shelves?  Well, why question “mademoiselle luck?”  Just go with the flow, as they say on the River Royale!

This evening is our “Epicurean Adventurer Dinner,” which means that our hosts will be preparing and serving some exquisite French dishes paired with the most famous French wines of the region.  Lord only knows how good this will be….. the food has been absolutely fabulous so far.  They did run out of pate last night, but I didn’t care, because I was traveling with Miss Pate!  (Patty)  Incidentally, they were kind enough to serve escargot last night, and as you might imagine, I consumed a fair share of the delicate little morsels.  (Not to be confused with mussels.)

This morning we arrived in a picturesque village called Tournon, and after a quick breakfast of shrimp and truffle eggs, we proceeded to Chapoutier Wine Cellars, to quench our thirst with some very fine wines from the world famous Saint Joseph Vineyards.  (Which ONLY date back to 1808!)  These folks produce some of the very best vino in the Rhone Valley, substantially better than the rot gut we drank in Burgundy yesterday.

By sheer coincidence, the good people of Tournon were holding their annual Onion Festival today, and we found that very “appealing.”  (The streets were lined with vendors selling all sorts of onion and garlic, as well as bread and cheese from different villages.)  Needless to say, we ate our way through town, stopping for…… oui, you guessed it, more wine!  (When I return to America I will be donating my kidneys and liver to medical science!)

This evening should be somewhat special for another reason…… the cruise director has asked me if I would mind being introduced as our “famous American author” during the opening wine ceremony.  As most of you know, I am very shy and humble, but I did consent to this honor.  (The rascal refused to let me make a short two-hour speech about myself.)  Before I close, I want to make a special birthday wish to my beautiful and talented daughter, Rebecca Lee!  The young lady is magnifique!!

I shall have to leave you now, as I must prepare for my big introduction!  I have written a SHORT acceptance speech, which I intend to deliver in French or my own native tongue.  (Whichever comes easier.)

Bon soir!  Best wishes to all……

The Marquis of Merriment!