Well, you can have both when you order a copy of MURDER ON MAIDEN LANE!  There is a colorful head on the cover, (I call it a “skulleton”) and inside you will find a thrilling tale of mayhem, mystery, and murder!  The book, as you have probably surmised, is now available in paperback and on Kindle at Amazon.com!  That’s right, happy days are here again!

Meanwhile, in order to keep THE PRESLEY PLOT front and center, I will soon be embarking on a lengthy book signing/speaking engagement tour, and my first stop will be at the Elvis Presley Birthplace & Community Center in Tupelo, Mississippi.  Yes, my little hound dogs, yours truly will be speaking to the good folks of Tupelo on the weekend of May 11 & 12.  Hopefully, I will also be negotiating a profitable business deal with the gift shop on premises.  (I would like them to feature THE PRESLEY PLOT in the book section.)  Soooo….. if you’re in the area, come on by and say hello.  I will also be judging an “Elvis Look-Alike Contest,” so there should be plenty of levity and some memorable photography.

Shortly after I’m lynched, I mean, lauded, in Tupelo, I leave for my spring book tour in the (not so far) east.  In conjunctivitis with Aberdeen Bay Publishing, I have arranged to make appearances in Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Atlanta, Savannah, and Jacksonville.  Along the way I intend to sample some Southern comfort, and some bourbon, too.

My Dixie Diaspora will continue with a special guest appearance in Boca Raton, Florida.  Whence I arrive in Palm Beach County I will be dining with “The Donald.”  Unfortunately, I am referring to Donald Duck from Disney World, not the guy with the strange hair-do.  The last time I had lunch with Donald Duck I got stuck with the bill. (“The bill?”)

The piece de resistance of my personal and persistent perseverance will be a ten-day period of peace and pleasantness in a perfect playground of pleasure.  (No, not Paraguay.)  The island of St. John!  Now that I am a famous author, I have an entourage, so me and my posse (3 couples) will be heading down to the Caribbean for some R & R.  (Incidentally, the would be “Rest & Rum!”)  While we are there, we intend to soak up some rays, (which is better than stepping on them) snorkel, and consume a prodigious amount of rum.

Writing is brutal, but somebody has to do it!  Besides, one must live for today.  Need I remind you that Austin is number four on Kim Jong-un’s bombing list?  (I blame those damn hippies downtown.)  Little Kim is the son of Kim Jong-il, who I nicknamed “Kim Jong-mentallly-ill.”  The young man, who bears a striking resemblance to the Pillsbury Dough-boy, is a tyrant.  Do not be fooled by his recent meeting with Ambassador Rodman!  Kim Jong-un is not a “Seoul Man!”

But I digress…..  Where was I?  Oh yeah, in the Caribbean.  Well, after I damage my liver, I will make my way back to the Lone Star State and begin marketing book number 3 in the Adam Gold Mystery Series.  (This one is called “DEVIL’S COVE,” and it is set entirely in the state of Texas!)  Naturally, I will keep those cards and letters coming while I am on the road.  Which reminds me….  Did you hear that a truck ran over Willie Nelson’s foot?  Yeah, that’s right, he was “playing on the road again!”  (Ouch!)

Well, take care, have a wonderful week, and remember to duck and cover if Kim starts shooting.  Hopefully, we will meet again next Sunday!   Love to all,

Doc (or should I change my name to “Duck?”) Yanoff.   (I wouldn’t mind the change if I get “top billing!”)

6 thoughts on “HEADS OR TALES?

  1. HI Steve,
    so glad you do this Blog so I can officially thank you for sending the autographed book. Can’t wait to read it, after taxes. I have to say I am very impressed with your fame. Now I can say I really know a famous writer, who is a distant half/relative? Wel,l we know each other for over 35 years, so you are an official relative, and you are distant! Haha.. continued success and wishing you to be prolific ( with more books, duh!) Cherita

  2. Can’t wait to read new book! Love Adam Gold! Tupelo is a sweet little town. Don’t forget to buy some tupelo honey. Superb! U can find at yummy chocolate store near downtown.

  3. Are you going to Vegas with us for the senior event in June?

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Steve Beaudry Barnes

    Duck! I mean, DOC! I just finished Maiden Lane and could hardly put my NOOK down; yes it is available in Nook and interesting to read in that format. All the paragraphs are separated by 5 or more blank lines, so it is over 1100 pages! but it goes fast…What a great book. Thanks for working so hard, and I really appreciate the amount of research that went into it. The History and Archaeology were great additions and place it very high on my list of what is rewarding, to me. Your second effort is twice as nice, and professional, and gripping, though. I found eight or nine typos, since I am so anal; almost all were good words that spell-checker would not catch. If you have two days, send me your next magnificent tome, set in my #2 home state of Texas, and I’ll turn it around, as glitch free as possible, in three days. Excellent work, you have quite a future lined up. Is that a cruise to St. John. Good Pokering! Take a copy of this one to the cruise. It’s a great addition to the first prize pool! Thanks again, Great Job. Steveo in Oregon (in three weeks!)

    • Steve…

      Thanks so much for the kind words! The actual paperback edition will be sent to me in the next week or so, and as soon as I get them I will autograph a copy and send it to you! (The envelope is ready!) Also, I just may take you up on your editing offer! By the way, since you love archaeology and history, I have a new, non-fiction book coming out in the fall titled “The Second Mourning.” (The true, and rather amazing story, of President Garfield’s assassination.) This one you will love! Take care and keep in touch….

      Steve Yanoff

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