Now don’t go jumping to conclusions!  The above title is not what it appears to be… final proof (as if we needed it!) that our beloved author of THE PRESLEY PLOT, Stephen G. Yanoff, has finally been brought to (literary) justice in a court of law!  No sir, that is not what I mean to imply.  In fact, the above title deals with a lovely situation that I have recently encountered….   As my loyal followers know, last night was the Grand, Super Deluxe, One Of A Kind Poker Tournament down at MY PLACE SPORTS BAR.

The field was extremely tough.  (Actually, we played inside.)  Nevertheless, there might have been 2,000 highly qualified Texas Hold ‘Em champion players in the room (all right, I said “might.”)  Whatever the number, there were no seats available for any late-comers or stragglers.  The place was packed to the rafters and I am pleased to say that it was our largest turnout of the season.  Many, many great and semi-famous players showed up, and as you can imagine, the competition was stiff.  (Too much alcohol!)

I, of course, do not know the meaning of the word fear.  (Or several other words.)  Still, when I saw who was at my table, I figured that I would soon be eliminated.  (Especially if they caught me cheating again.)  However, I played quite well, and the poker gods were with me most of the time.  Don’t ask me how, but I managed to make it to the final table!  (With very little cheating.)

You can imagine my surprise when I looked to my left and saw one of my most brilliant students (a woman who was on full scholarship at my poker academy in Austin)……  none other than Judge Susan, THE LEGAL EAGLE!    Her Honor played brilliantly and outlasted a room full of folks who were anxious to get their greedy little hands on a VERY LARGE JACKPOT of cold, hard cash!  To be honest, I thought that the Judge and I were going to make history, but it was not meant to be.

HOWEVER…..   we both placed high up in the tournament!  Judge Susan came in 6th and I finished 5th.  (Hence the above title regarding me taking the fifth!)

NOW FOR THE BIG NEWS!      Gin Keller, our lovely host, sold a ton of books entitled THE PRESLEY PLOT!    Almost half of the tournament participants purchased a copy of my new mystery novel!   Naturally, I was happy to autograph and few thousand copies, and I was very, very pleased by the support I received from my fellow gambling addicts.  Oddly enough, I made more money selling books last night than playing poker!

I would like to thank Miss Linda, the owner of MY PLACE for hosting such a great tournament and also for allowing me to set up a table loaded with copies of THE PRESLEY PLOT…  which were selling like hot cakes!    We all had a wonderful evening, and those present, will remember a truly outstanding event.

Be well and be careful…..   Your tired but happy author…..

Doc Yanoff



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