Maybe we should go to MY PLACE.  (No, not my place, as in my home, but MY PLACE SPORTS BAR.)

Tuesday, July 17th, would be a wonderful day (make that, night) to meet.

Why you ask?

Because that night MY PLACE is hosting a nationally renowned event known as the “Deepstack Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament of Central Texas!”    Yours truly has qualified for the tournament, which will be run by the lovely and talented woman we call “The Queen of Hearts,”  …….   Ms. Gin Keller!

Now here’s the exciting part….  (at least to me!)…..  In addition to some MAJOR cash prizes, the top three finishers will receive an autographed copy of the best-sellling mystery novel….  THE PRESLEY PLOT!


Our hosts will be providing lots of table space for hundreds of copies of THE PRESLEY PLOT, and any player who buys a book will be given a chip bonus of…… $5,000!!    (Or more.)

So what are you waiting for???    Come on down to MY PLACE on Tuesday, July 17th, and 6 p.m. and win a fortune plus meet a best-selling author!  (Or me.)  Seriously, I hope to see you there!  Trust me, you will have the time of your life!  (By the way, MY PLACE is at the Jester Exit off of 2222 in Austin!)

Hope to see you soon!

Doc Yanoff







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