Well, at least stranger than the fiction I write.  Then again, maybe not.  What if I told you there was a book (recently written) about the discovery of some never-before-heard songs by Elvis Presley…  a book entitled THE PRESLEY PLOT… and then I told you that earlier this week some “urban archaeologists” discovered… a never-before-heard recording by…. Elvis Presley!?


Last week a “lost” recording was uncovered….. a song that Elvis sang on a show called Louisiana Hayride…. in 1955!

The song was the King’s rendition of a country standard called “I Forgot To Remember To Forget You.”   (Which is not an easy title to remember!)

Thus we have a clear case of truth being (almost) as strange as fiction.  The newly discovered record is selling almost as many copies as THE PRESLEY PLOT, but the cover is not nearly as nice!  (And it cannot be purchased on KINDLE.)

Nevertheless, I urge all of you to buy as many copies of both as you can afford, and then seek a small mortgage on your home, buy more copies, and go on with your lives.

Or….. you can just pass this message along!  (Either will do.)

Have a great weekend…   and be careful out there!

Love to all,

Doc Yanoff





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