IT’S GREAT NEWS!  (IF YOU’RE A WRITER)  Otherwise, not so much.  The year end blog statistics have recently been published by WordPress, and once again, our little blog has achieved immorality!  Make that, immortality.  How you ask?  Well, first of all, our blog finished in the top 5% of all blogs on the Internet!  An amazing accomplishment that I wish to thank you for… no joking, I couldn’t have done it without you guys.  Secondly, we had a very healthy increase in readership.  We now have…..  (drum roll, please) ….. 6,500 followers in 40 countries!  All I can say is Wow and Thank You!

Last week, our esteemed publisher announced that THE GRACELAND GANG, THE PIRATE PATH, and DEVIL’S COVE have been translated into several foreign languages….. French, Spanish, Italian, and German!  All 3 mysteries are now available in those countries in their native tongue!  (I once felt some native tongues, but that’s another story…  I was on a study-abroad trip.  So, naturally, I studied some broads!)  Anyway, this is wonderful news, and all of my books can now be ordered in the above languages on Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com

NOW FOR THE BIG BOOK NEWS…..   My recently paroled literary agent, Black Bart Berkowitz, scored a major publishing victory on my behalf.  My first two books have been approved by some sort of screening committee in Beijing, and they will now be available, in Chinese, throughout the country of China!  Hot dog!  I mean, egg roll!  If our commie friends like inscrutable mysteries, then I’m their man!  Seriously though, I would like to thank Mr. Berkowitz (who I never stop teasing) and the government of China.  Hopefully, we will make a small fortune, cookie!

Finally, a word of thanks to Mr. Gary Rubenstein, the “Lobster King” of Austin, Texas.  He played Santa “Claws” last week and concocted a marvelous lobster casserole for New Year’s Eve.  Today, we are celebrating his wife’s 39th birthday at our house… and we went overboard with the food.  (Actually, we threw the food overboard, but I digress.)  Not to worry, though.  Miss Jaime will be pleasantly surprised.  (If she likes fast food.)

One last item…..  I want to send my love and kisses to a potentially new blog follower who was born last week….. my niece, Lindsay, just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Scarlett.  Welcome to our world, Miss Scarlett!  I hear you read my last blog and threw up?  Personally, I think it was the mashed carrots, but then again, I’m an optimist!  Don’t forget to change your diapers frequently, and I wish you well in the maternity ward.  (Watch those male babies, and don’t give out your phone number.)

Happy New Year once again!  Love to all,

Doc Yanoff

6 thoughts on “WHEN YOUR NUMBER IS UP…..

  1. Steve Beaudry Barnes

    WOW, what impressive numbers, stats, countries , languages and poker games won! Doc, It was just a few short cruises ago that you had just one BIG BOOK, and I won it by barely beating you and all your motley crew. Now, I’m back in Iraq, and being greatly amused by catching up on the few of your blogs that I missed this last year. TOOOO FUNNY. My offer stands, I will freely and unabashedly help edit anything you send my way. I’m still finding little typos in my re-reads, so feel free to send anything to Boydree74@yahoo.com, and I will closely guard it while I find any misplaced dots or dangling participles. Your other Steve in Iraq.

    • Hello there, Steve!

      First, let me wish you a happy and healthy New Year! Travel safely and come back soon! I now have a brand new publisher, so theoretically, I should have less dangling participles in the future! I’m glad you are enjoying my blog (and all those terrible puns!) and I’m very pleased that it brings you some smiles while you’re in Iraq. When I got to Iraq, Iran. (Another bad joke!) Book number 4 in the Adam Gold series is almost finished, and I have my first non-fiction book coming out this Spring. (The Second Mourning) I shall, as they say, keep you in the loop!

      Take care! Best wishes,

      Stephen Yanoff

  2. Stanley Naftolin

    Just spoke to my brother.He tells me he had a great time at your place today.He actually likes you(probably because Patti is so nice).I’m following your career with great interest.I remember Stephen the snorkeler standing at my cabin door-it still brings a huge smile to my aging punim. I wish you continued success -it couldn’t happen to nicer guy. I really am excited that you have hooked up with my bro-he’ s a great guy and an above average doctor. Molly and I wish you and the family a healthy,happy and prosperous New Year. Be well. The Naftolin’s of the North

    Sent from my iPad


    • Stanley…

      We very much enjoyed having your brother and Barbara over yesterday. (Even though they “accidentally” left with some silverware. No big deal. One fork and one spoon.) But seriously, folks, Leigh is VERY proud of his brother, and he often refers to you as one of the best lawyers in Canada. (I, of course, pointed out that there were only two lawyers up north, and one of them was the mayor of Toronto!) Leigh really does say a lot of nice things about you, which I totally agree with, and I have even been known to brag about you and MIss Molly. I have told the “snorkel” story many times, with a few “embellishments,” and everybody finds it quite amusing. Patty and I wish you and Molly a healthy and prosperous New Year and we truly hope that you will visit Austin sometime soon. I promise you a good time! Take care and keep in touch!

      Your Texas Admirer…..

      Doc Yanoff

  3. Leigh Ann Woodward

    Congrats King Cobra! That is amazing. Your books are fantastic and deserve it all. I am waiting somewhat patiently for the movies. I really want to see them.You are great and so are your books. Great job Doc Yanoff!.

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