MY GOODNESS, THAT SOUNDS LIKE THE TITLE OF A 1950s HORROR MOVIE!  But it’s not…  In fact, it’s just the opposite of horrible, it’s some more wonderful news!  I love sharing good news with my blog followers, and today I have something splendid to share…..  Starting next Tuesday, January 14, 2014, all 3 of the “Adam Gold Mystery Novels” will be featured and sold at Austin’s most prestigious book store….. BookPeople!  (Located on N. Lamar Blvd.)  Yep, you read right, the good folks of Central Texas will now be able to purchase all of my books at a traditional book store, as well as on,, Kindle, and the Nook.

Two days ago I signed a contract with the store, and starting next Tuesday, the books (THE GRACELAND GANG, THE PIRATE PATH, and DEVIL’S COVE) will be featured at the front table as you walk into the store!  (Where the “best-sellers” are sold)  I will attach the covers at the end of this blog, just in case you forgot what they look like.  By the way, I will also be featured in their newsletter and in their online book catalogue, so if you can, please spread the word.  Incidentally, none of this would have been possible without you guys, so THANK YOU!

In other news, our 3-day winter has finally ended.  Whew, that was a rough few days!  How cold did it get down here in Austin?  Well, thanks to that darn polar vortex, Texas inmates were BEGGING for the electric chair!  People were getting the cold shoulder everywhere they went!  It was too frigid to get into a heated argument!  Our politicians had their hands in their own pockets!  (Now THAT’S cold)

I may have a book signing/lecture in San Antonio next week.  (Depending on the weather.)  I hope it comes off, because I would love to go back to El Mirador restaurant for a bowl of sopa de lima or chile de arbol.  If you ever find yourself in the historic King William neighborhood, you must stop in for some of Maria Trevino’s amazing food.  (Her family is keeping her reputation alive and well.)  Es muy bueno!

Finally, I was chatting with a neighbor yesterday, and he asked me what I thought about same sex marriage.  I told him that I’ve been having the same sex for the last 35 years!  I did ask my wife if she wanted me to take Viagra.  She told me to start with NoDoz, whatever that is.  Women!

Well, on that note, I wish you all a safe and pleasant week.  I might have another major announcement next week, so keep those cards and letters coming!  Love to all,

Doc Yanoff




  1. Leigh Ann Woodward

    Great news! You deserve it! The books all three of them are fantastic and such a good read. Loved them all!

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