I’d like to begin this new post with a warm welcome to the ten new Yahoo Groups that have recently joined our “blog family,” and whose members are now following this fascinating blog of ours!  Welcome aboard, I think you will enjoy your stay, and I look forward to receiving some of your comments.

Just to let everyone know, there are roughly 360 Yahoo Groups dedicated to preserving the memory of Elvis Presley and his music!  These groups are quite interesting in and of themselves, and believe it or not, they represent a combined membership of over……  20,000 Elvis Presley fans!

Hopefully, half of them will purchase a copy of THE PRESLEY PLOT, which means that I will have to autograph about 10,000 books….. but I don’t mind!   Fame and fortune do not come cheap, and I do have two hands, so if I wear out the muscles in my right hand, I will simply use my left!   (I say buy the books and we will worry about the autographs later!)


From now on I will take a moment to mention one Yahoo Group that has joined our blog family …. thereby promoting them and encouraging my world-wide readers (THIS POST IS NOW BEING FOLLOWED IN 15 FOREIGN COUNTRIES!!)  to join their online Elvis Club.  My way of saying “thank you” and keeping the memory of the King alive and well……


This group was formed back in May, 2003.  They currently have 167 members!!

The Yahoo name was taken from the name of the founder’s band, which happens to be The Taildraggers.  They welcome everyone who loves the music of the King, so if you fit that description, check them out!

Before I close, some ELVIS trivia…..  On this very day, way back in 1953, a young Elvis Presley returned to the Tennessee Employment Security Office (his third visit) hoping to obtain “a job where he could keep clean.”    Unfortunately, all of the mystery novelist positions were taken!  I’m not sure what became of the poor kid, but you might know!  (Coincidentally, the Austin television news just reported that the nation’s jobless rate just ticked up to 8.3 %)   Some things never change.

Well, keep your collective chins up and have a nice day.  Our day in Austin is sunny and hot, and there is not a cloud in the sky.  I believe we are going to have another 100 degree day on our hands, so…… drink plenty of tequila, I mean, water!

Speak with you soon……

Doc Yanoff



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