I’d like to wish everyone a happy (albeit belated) Fourth of July!  Hopefully nobody had a “short fuse” and everyone had a “blast.”  (I assume some of you got “lit,” but I won’t go there!)

My personal celebration included a wonderful guided fishing trip on Lake Buchanan in Central Texas.  My compadres and I (Dr. Talbott and Professor Bomblatus) drove up to the charming hamlet of Tow, Texas, and “hooked up”  (so to speak) with Ken Milam the legendary owner/operator of “STRIPER FEVER.”

Thanks to my well-honed skills as an outdoorsman (I brought the beer) we all had a great time and we each caught our full limit of fish.  Ken was kind enough to filet the little rascals when we got back to shore, and we returned with plenty of delicious filets for that night’s dinner.  (Trust me, you have not tasted fish until you’ve had fresh caught striper with Cajun seasoning, grilled over an open fire!)

Ken Milam is also the host of “The Great Outdoors,” a very popular radio program broadcast in the Texas Hill Country.  Since I caught the biggest fish (all right, one of the biggest) he was kind enough to offer his help in arranging a book signing/speaking engagement at Callahan’s General Store, a landmark facility in Burnet, Texas.  I am one busy buckeroo this summer, but if my schedule opens up, I intend to take him up on his offer.

Meanwhile…..  THE PRESLEY PLOT continues to sell well and garner good reviews.  Earlier this week, Ken Evans, a prominent Austin businessman (and one hell of a poker player!) purchased 20 books for family and friends.  Thank you, Ken!  A few more sales like that and I will be able to retire.  (Again!)

I just received an interesting update on the Elvis Presley Steamboat Cruise leaving out of Memphis….  and I will post some tantalizing details in my next missive.

Until then, have fun and be safe…..

Doc Yanoff





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