The author of THE PRESLEY PLOT (Stephen Yanoff) who happens to be a “REAL CARD,” is proud to announce that he has joined forces with Gin Keller, professional poker entertainment expert and marketing genius at the Deep Stack Poker Club in Austin,  Texas.

Gin and her colleagues will now be advertising THE PRESLEY PLOT on their very popular web site…..  and they will also be selling the book at their various poker tournaments throughout the southwest!

I am very pleased to be associated with this fine group (they do a ton of charity work in Central Texas) and I’m delighted that my new mystery novel (have I mentioned the name of the book?) will now be available to hundreds (perhaps thousands) of poker players in Texas.

As you might know, ELVIS enjoyed playing poker.  No surprise.  After all, he was THE KING OF HEARTS to millions of fans!

Incidentally, when I’m not traveling, scuba diving, or gardening….. I’m playing poker!  (Texas Hold ‘Em, naturally.)  I have won over 20 tournaments and I would probably win many more if I were allowed to cheat.  (Definitely not a wise thing to do in the Lone Star State!)

Well, that’s about it for now.  Remember, friends, never draw to an inside straight….  unless you already have a flush!

Vaya con Dios…..

Doc Yanoff








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