I am very happy to report that Elvis (and his mother, Gladys) will NOT be losing their marble crypt after all.

The auction, which was scheduled for TODAY has been permanently cancelled due to a massive (and international) public outcry.  As I previously

mentioned, Elvis and his mother were briefly interred in the crypt, which is located in Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis.  (Do NOT attempt to find

this crypt in Forest Hills, New York!)  You could be seriously injured by a tennis player!  Anyway, I’m glad they cancelled the auction and have

decided to maintain the burial site as a tribute to the King.  They still need to erect that fence I spoke of.  (Yeah, that’s right, people are “dying to

get in!”)

Some of you have asked about the section in THE PRESLEY PLOT that deals with crypts and mausoleums.  You were curious about the difference

between the two.  Basically, a crypt is underground.  (Often under a church)   A mausoleum is an above-ground structure.  In case you’re interested,

the word “mausoleum” comes from the Tomb of Mausolus, and amazing structure built around 350 BC at Bodrum, Turkey.   I have been to Bodrum

a number of times and have always been fascinated by this tomb.  (It was built to contain the body of Mausolus, a major player in the Persian

Empire.)  Believe it or not, it was so impressive for its day that it was considered to be one the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World!

(The Frozen Margarita finished number eight.  What’s that about?)

Well, my friends, it is roughly 100 degrees down here in Austin, so I must bid you adieu and jump in the pool.

Take care, be happy, and I shall write again soon.

Doc Yanoff



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