Well, hold onto your cape and jumpsuit, friends…..

The company behind the Tupac (the rap music gent) hologram recently announced

that they intend to go for the gold, or perhaps I should say the sequins, and bring

the King back to life!  (Sort of.)

Digital Domain Media Group plans to produce a “virtual” likeness of Elvis Presley.

The likeness will be used in stage shows, television, and film appearances!  (Can a

White House invitation be far off?)

No word yet on whether the King will appear in the movie version of my book,

THE PRESLEY PLOT.  I sent a virtual “feeler” to his agent, but he turned out to be

a hologram himself, and thus far, I have heard nothing from the good folks at

Graceland.  (I hope they’re real people!)  One never knows.

In any case, if you haven’t seen a hologram, you will be amazed by the effect of

having someone “reappear” before your very eyes.  It is quite spooky in a way, but

also incredibly entertaining.  If you’re an Elvis fan, I would be curious to know what

you think about this project.  I have mixed feelings, but what do you think?

For those of you that can’t wait for the hologram, I would remind you that you can

now purchase THE PRESLEY PLOT on Amazon. com   (Just go the Amazon site and

type in the title of the book or my name.)  If you like what you read, PLEASE take a

moment and write a short review.

Thanks and God bless…

Doc Yanoff


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