G’day mates!  I’ve always loved Australia, but now I love it even more…. and I intend to go “Dancing With Matilda” whenever I get an opportunity!
Why?  Because my Aussie friends have just written a very nice advertisement for THE PRESLEY PLOT on their wonderful web site called the Elvis
Information Network. So tie your wallabies down, grab a cold Foster’s lager, and order the book….  now available on Amazon.com!
Thanks again, mates!  When you come to Texas, the first round (or two) will be on me!
P.S.  Check out the Elvis Information Network at www.Elvisinfonet.com   (These folks are really professional!  A copy of their advertisement is listed below.)
As we say in Memphis (I was born in Tennessee) “Elvis may have left the building, but if you listen carefully, you can still hear his music!”
Rock on!
 Doc Yanoff
(Source: Elvis Information Network)
The Presley Plot now listed on Amazon: Author Stephen Yanoff advises that THE PRESLEY PLOT (his new mystery novel) is now available on
Amazon.com! The photo of the book cover and a brief description of the plot will be put up in the days ahead.
There were over 300 pre-orders for the book and they have already depleted (only temporarily) their stock!  You can still order the book, and when the
next shipment comes in they will promptly mail it out.
Advertising about the novel has gone out to over 20,000 Elvis Presley fans in over 400 Elvis Presley Fan Clubs located throughout the country (all 50
states!) and 42 foreign countries!
Book Description: A mysterious death at the Anchor Insurance Company leads to the discovery of a treasure trove of never-
before-heard songs by Elvis Presley – and a claim that could bankrupt the carrier. Adam Gold, an insurance investigator, has 72
hours to determine if the tapes are genuine, and in order to do so, he must venture to Tupelo, Mississippi. Upon his arrival in the
town where Elvis was born, he becomes entangled in an elaborate insurance scam, and is forced to deal with an assortment of
quirky characters. He will also encounter some sinister folks who would be willing to die – or kill – to get their hands on the Presley
tapes. What follows, is a hair-raising adventure that readers will never forget. (News, Source: Stephen Yanoff/Amazon)

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