If this name sounds familiar, you must live in the Texas Hill Country.  (Or perhaps

in lovely Austin.)  Writing Across Texas was the name of the local television show

that I co-hosted a few years back.  (We used to interview famous authors who lived

or worked in Texas.)  The show was quite popular, and was brilliantly produced and

directed by Larry Brill.  (Brill Media)

I was thinking about the task of writing early this morning when two (semi)

humorous questions popped into my head…..

First, how would we know if a word was misspelled in the dictionary?

Second, what’s another word for Thesaurus?

See, you thought it was easy being a writer!  Not so.  (I could have asked why

“sour” cream has an expiration date.  What happens if you keep it too long?  Does

it become fresh?)

For my loyal Elvis fans, I would like to point out that on this day (In 1992) the

U.S. Postal Service announced that it was going to adopt the “younger Elvis” stamp

design.  (The skinny version cost the same as the heavy version, which in my view,

just doesn’t seem fair!)

Well, I must leave you now.  Perhaps I shall close with a thought by Jimmy

(Margaritaville) Buffet:   “Elvis Presley was the only man from Mississippi who

could shake his hips and still be loved by rednecks, cops, and hippies.”


Doc Yanoff

2 thoughts on “WRITING ACROSS TEXAS…..

  1. Leigh Ann Woodward

    Hi – quick question did that Larry Brill used to work at KXAN-TV. If so i worked with him. I was at KXAN for 10 years as their Human Resources Director. If it is one and the same small world. Anyway enjoy reading your posts. Have a great day!

    • Leigh Ann…

      Yes, my dear, that is in fact the same Larry Brill!

      He did a great job producing our show, and I still stay in touch with him.

      Best regards,

      Steve Yanoff

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