Well, just when I thought I was out of coincidences (between me and Elvis) lo and

behold, I discover that this very weekend (my birthday weekend, mind you) there is

an Elvis Presley Festival in Lake George, New York.  Why, you might ask, is this a

coincidence?  Because my family used to own a motel on Lake George, and in fact,

that is where I learned to swim, waterski, and scuba dive!  Our resort was located in

the charming village of Diamond Point.  It was called the Flamingo Motel, and it is

still in operation, run by the folks who bought it from our family.  If you know of this

lovely venue, or have ever stayed in Lake George, drop me a line!  We can stroll down

Memory Lane together.

Last week, coming home from a late-night poker tournament, I pulled into my

driveway in west Austin, and there in front of me was a VERY large rope curled up,

and strangely enough, it was moving!  Upon closer examination, I discovered that

the  “rope” was actually a big old rattlesnake!  Being an organic gardener, I like most

snakes, but this bad boy was mean spirited and full of venom.  (And I am very close

friends with several dogs in the neighborhood.)   So…..  I had little choice but to

dispatch said snake with a 12-guage shotgun.  I have young children living on both

sides of me, so I really couldn’t allow the darn thing to just crawl away.  (and live to

bite another day!)  Anyway, such is life out here in the Texas Hill Country.

Maybe I’ll work the incident into my next novel.  Of course, by then, the poor reptile

will have grown to eight or nine feet!  (I believe that’s called literary license.)  Down in

these parts we call it braggin’.   Then again, as Col. Travis said, “It ain’t braggin’ if

it’s true!”

Have a great day….  and watch those moving ropes!

Doc Yanoff



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