So, did  you enjoy the day associated with scary and spooky creatures who roam the underworld in a relentless pursuit of evil and mayhem?  Oh wait, Tuesday is Election Day.  Never mind.  Let’s start with Halloween…  Did you know that this “holiday” began in Ireland?  (roughly 2,000 years ago!)  Irish immigrants brought the festivities to America, which now spends nearly 9 BILLION dollars a year on candy, costumes, and pediatric dentistry!  Halloween, believe it or not, produces the second most spending of the year.  (Christmas is first)  Would you like to guess what the number one candy might be?  I’ll give you a hint:  “Don’t SNICKER at the answer.”   By the way, after my clue, if you said Twix, you need to run for political office!

Strangely enough, we (in America) are also “celebrating” the end of Daylight Saving Time.  I’m not sure, but I think we’re supposed to mess with our clocks.  If I remember correctly, it’s “Spring Back and Fall Forward,” or maybe “Spring Forward and Fall Back.” Just do one or the other and sooner or later you’ll have the correct time.  Be patient.

By the way, did you know that there are two states that DO NOT observe Daylight Saving Time.  (No, one of them is not Arkansas!)  They are Arizona and Hawaii.  Oddly enough, the Navajo Tribe in Arizona does observe the time change, but the Hopi Tribe does not!  (I “Hopi” this is correct, but you “Navajo.”)  Don’t ask me why.  I thought both tribes might have certain “reservations.”  (Ouch!)

So what else is new?  Well, don’t forget that on Wednesday, November 11, I will be featured on World Talk Radio.  (VoiceAmerica)  My interview is scheduled for 6:15 p.m. Central Time.  The host and I will be discussing my brilliant new book, THE SECOND MOURNING.  The program, as I have previously mentioned, reaches an estimated audience of 4.5 million listeners in 219 countries.  Still, we have plenty of room, so try to join the fun!

Speaking of fun, the Texas Book Festival was a huge success for everyone involved.  As you might know, we sold a ton of books (mystery novels and the non-fiction book) and met some wonderful authors and book lovers.  There were two best-selling mystery authors in our pavilion tent, me and a gentleman named Patrick Kelly, the author of HILL COUNTRY GREED.  If you get a chance, check out Patrick’s books.  I think you will really enjoy them.  (I will attach some photographs of the Festival at the end of this blog.)

Also in the realm of fun (sort of) our darling “niece” Laura just delivered a gorgeous baby girl in the great state of Oklahoma!  When I say “delivered,” I am not referring to FedEx or UPS, I mean delivered as in gave birth!  Congratulations to mom and dad (Laura and Steve) and also to our dear friends Barbara and Max.  (Now known as Grandma and Grandpa Talbott!)  Please encourage your precious baby (Miss Auden) to immediately become a blog follower.  She will undoubtedly love my blog, since it is quite infantile.  (Make that “young at heart.”)

Finally, I would like to give a little shout out to Jaime and Gary Rubenstein, who will be hosting today’s gala surprise party for Miss Joyce, Jaime’s lovely and talented mother. The hosts just returned from a round-the-world cruise (well, half the world at least) and should have some wonderful stories to share.  Hopefully, they wore the modest T-shirts (emblazoned with my photograph) that I gave them before they left.  I think they may have worn the shirts, because ISIS is on the run.  (Hey, if you saw my face, you might run away, too!)

Well, my dear friends, I hope you enjoy your upcoming week.  Please remember to vote on Tuesday, and if you don’t want to waste your vote, please cast a write-in ballot with my name.  (Just a reminder, there are two “Fs” in Yanoff.)  If you forget that, just think of my math and English grades!  Take care, and love to all …

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WAIT!  DO NOT DISCONNECT ME!  This blog has nothing to do with Obamacare!  (If it did, you wouldn’t have been able to log on to the site in the first place!)  No politics are allowed!  I am strictly neutered.  (Is that the right word?)  Well, in any case, I hope you are having a pleasant Sunday.  I am recovering from another costume party and a wine tasting that got out of control.  Fortunately, this event was followed by a poker game, and the Mighty Cobra struck again!  (I hauled in $25, cash on the barrelhead.  Maybe the barrel was on my head, but you get the point.)

What do you think about the government mandating health care insurance?  (My wife had a few man dates in college, but that’s another story.)  Personally, I think they should mandate the purchase of my mystery novels.  I happen to know that my books have cured a number of patients suffering from insomnia.  Just saying.

I trust you had a happy Halloween?  Did you know that the word “Halloween” means “hallowed or holy evening?”  This would be a Scottish term, dating back to 1745.  Believe it or not, the Scots still celebrate by carving turnips instead of pumpkins!  (Which might account for their frugal reputation.)  I once fell off the back of a turnip truck.  I was young and naive.  Maybe I was young and a knave.  I forget which, but you get the drift.

Incidentally, do you know why ghosts can’t have children?  (Even when the “spirit moves them?”)  Because they have…..  hallow weenies!  (Ouch!)  My neighbor’s kid told me that joke.

Now for the important stuff…..          The five finalists for “Outstanding Book Design of the Year” have been announced by Murder Ink Press and listed in the New York Times Book Review Section.  Incredibly, both THE GRACELAND GANG and THE PIRATE PATH have made the final cut!  The winner will be announced in December, and three prizes will be awarded.  I hope I win a trophy, but I would prefer cash, that way I can buy my own trophy and still have some money left over for tequila.

Just a thought…..  I feel sorry for people who don’t have dogs.  I hear they have to pick up their own food if they drop it on the floor.

Speaking of people, dogs, and food…..  I had a lovely visit to Stephenville this week.  Not only is the whole town named after me (I think) but it is also the self-described “Cowboy Capital of the World.”  Fortunately, these cowboys love a good mystery, so our book signing was a big success.  Stephenville is roughly 3 hours north of Austin, and is the home of Tarleton State University, the Cowboy Walk of Fame, and Lone Star Arena.  If you decide to make the trip, don’t miss lunch at the world famous “Beans and Franks” restaurant.  The food is really good, and you won’t need to stop for gas on the way home!  (Just make sure your power windows are working.)

Since we’re on the subject of cowboys, I have a trivia question for you…..  What do they call a dull cow in Stephenville?  (Answer:  “A milk dud!”)  All right, I just made that up, but it’s still funny.

Next week I will be posting from a remote and tropical setting, so stay tuned for another exciting road trip/literary adventure…..  I will not disappoint my fans!  Even if it means posting a blog and a bail bond!   Until then, have a safe and prosperous week…..       Love to all…..

Doc Yanoff