WHO MIGHT THIS BE?  Why, mad dogs and Englishmen… and yours truly!  The weather in Texas has been rather warm this week.  How hot was it?  The fire ants were crawling around with canteens on their backs!  I saw two scorpions running a Kool-Aid stand!  Now, that’s hot!  Hotter than hell…..

Speaking of the devil…  (wasn’t that a smooth transition?)  my third “Adam Gold Mystery” will be published early next week.  The book is titled, DEVIL’S COVE.  Incredibly, three hundred books have already been pre-ordered, so we are off to a very good start.  You can help by ordering some books later in the week!  (No, you don’t have to order 300 copies!)

The publisher was smart enough to send an advanced copy to some reviewers in New York City, and I thought you might like to see the first review of the book…..

“DEVIL’S COVE is a lively caper…  Yanoff is a master story-teller, and there’s always something deadly serious behind his entertaining insurance-related tales… He continues to show why he is one of the best – and most consistent – mystery authors in America.”         (Renegade Reviews, N.Y.C.)

Naturally, I am VERY grateful for the kind words, and even more grateful for your continued support and encouragement.  In all seriousness, this is a TEAM effort, and I have a wonderful team!

Incidentally, my first non-fiction book is on its way to the wonderful world of literary representation in the Big Apple.  The book is titled, THE SECOND MOURNING.  (The Untold Story of America’s Most Bizarre Political Murder)  As some of you know, the book recounts the assassination of President James A. Garfield.  I shall, as they say, keep you posted of my progress…. or lack thereof!

By the way, I made it to the final table of the Steiner Ranch Poker Tournament two weeks in a row… but the BIG poker story is about my friend Beverly (last name withheld for security reasons) who is currently playing in the MAIN EVENT of the World Series of Poker… and she has already won $40,000 and has survived day 5 of the tournament!  If she wins, she gets a cool $8,000,000!  (And a free copy of MURDER ON MAIDEN LANE)  I hear she wants the money, but is more anxious to get her book!

Well, gang, that’s about it for me….  have a safe and pleasant week… and please remember that it is IMPOSSIBLE to lick your own elbow…    (I know some of you will try!)     Love to all…..

Doc Yanoff

5 thoughts on “SOME LIKE IT HOT…..

  1. Steve Beaudry Barnes

    Stephen, Where can I send a check for a signed copy on Devil’s Cove, to match my other two? Steveo in Oregon

    • Steven….

      You can order DEVIL’S COVE from and just mail it to me for an autograph.

      By the way, you might be interested to know that I mentioned YOUR NAME in the Acknowledgement Section! (Thanks for your support!)

      I hope I didn’t ruin the surprise!

      Best wishes, Stephen Yanoff

  2. christine nickles

    So looking forward to the Garfield book. !!!!

  3. Can’t wait for the third book. And I am very intrigued by the president Garfield book, Guiteau was a very interesting guy

    See you when I get back from Honduras

  4. Doc,

    Can’t wait for the 3rd book… And very intrigued by the president Garfield book, Guiteau was an interesting character.

    See you when I get back from Honduras

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