Good morning, ladies, lords, and assorted vagabonds……

Today I am “broadcasting” almost live (I’m still a little sleepy) from the lovely Egerton House Hotel in Knightsbridge.  (An up and coming area of London!)  Lady Spendthrift and I are having a jolly good time chatting with our British cousins, who have almost forgiven us for the Revolutionary War and the tiff of 1812.  (I was gracious and told them that the second conflict could have gone either way.)

Now for an update….  THE PRESLEY PLOT is selling quite well here in London.  Last night I gave a little speech in Chelsea, which is south of our hotel, maybe 2 miles as the crow flies.  (Better make that pigeons!)  I spent the evening in Chelsea.  (No jokes, please.)  Lovely area, reminds one (or two) of Greenwich Village, but without the garbage and with better beer.  Her Ladyship and I consumed a few pints of lager at a local pub and then dined on some truly wonderful Indian cuisine at a restaurant called Chutney Mary.  (Not to be confused with Bloody Mary.)  The food, as they say on Long Island, was to die for!  Best lamb of my life.  Mary had a lot of lamb, lot of lamb, lot of lamb…… well, you know how the nursery rhyme goes.

Several minutes ago, I gave another amazing performance here at the Egerton House, speaking to a packed room filled with hung-over tourists dying to hear about my literary adventures.  We met some wonderful people and made a lot of new friends, which is the point of this whole exercise.  What a lovely crowd.  And breakfast was once again marvelous!

In a moment we are going to hail a cab and wander up to the British Museum.  I hear the place is packed with old stuff, but we are going anyway.  I’m hoping they have some mummies for this daddy to view.  (I wonder if mummies listen to “wrap” music?) Her Ladyship is still mad at me for that bathroom joke…… last night she wanted a glass of water at the Indian restaurant, so I told her to go into the “Water Closet,” which wasn’t really a closet, but did contain some water.  (When Lords and Ladies use the bathroom is that considered a “Royal Flush?”)  Ah well, she’ll get over it when she has a pint or two.

Today at breakfast we met a charming couple from Tunisia, so in their honor, we will dining on Tunisian food this evening.  They pointed us in the right direction, so I’m sure we will be in for a treat.  Believe it or not, I think I’ll be chowing down on lamb again.  (We need to eat as many of them as we can, as they are truly vicious animals!)  Besides, they like to “pull the wool” over people’s eyes, so who needs them.

*****A SPECIAL NOTE:    I have met about 90 Londoners in regards to THE PRESLEY PLOT, and if you are reading this from London, please feel free to drop by or ring me up at the Egerton House.  I will make every effort to say hello or autograph a copy of my book for you.  And in any case, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

And now we return to our regularly scheduled program……  I will write again soon, probably tomorrow when we arrive in Paris.  (We are taking the chunnel in the tunnel at noon.)  Whence we arrive in the City of Lights (not to be confused with Washington, D.C., the City of Dim Wits) we will be “hooking up” with our dear friends from Texas, Barbara and Max Talbott.  Paris will never be the same!

By the way, in yesterday’s post, I misspelled the word HOOKAH.  (I forgot to add the “h” at the end.)  I apologize to any of you who frequent hookahs….. especially Lee Bomblatus, who is a legend in the Azores and in certain parts of Round Rock, Texas.

Well, I must run or I shall miss the grand exhibition at the British Museum….. please take care and have a wonderful day.

Cheerio and Rice Crispies……

Doc Yanoff…..   The Galloping Gourmet!

2 thoughts on “LIVE FROM LONDON!


    Another great blog Cous….see you soon!

  2. Your “night in Chelsea” reminds me of a story I once heard (supposedly true). The following snippet appeared in the Washington DC papers: (forgive me for paraphrasing, as I cannot recall it verbatim).

    “Princess [such and such, can’t recall who] is visiting from [country] and President Coolidge spent last evening entering her.” (I’m almost sure someone at that paper got their own papers – walking, that is….!) You guys have a great time, and tell those snooty Parisians to be nicer!


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