Well, I scored some big points today…..

In fact, I scored four points.  (As in THE FOUR POINTS NEWS!)

In case you’re wondering what I’m babbling about, I just had the privilege of being interviewed by THE FOUR POINTS NEWS, one of our

outstanding local newspapers.  (They have a large and growing circulation that reaches almost 10,000 homeowners in West Austin!)

The reporter and I spent about an hour together discussing THE PRESLEY PLOT, and then she took some photographs of my rock garden.

(Rumored to be one of the largest privately owned rock gardens in our galaxy and most of the universe as presently understood by the scientific


I really enjoyed the interview and will post the full article as soon as it is published.  Hopefully, this will be the first of many such interviews.

Meanwhile…..  orders for THE PRESLEY PLOT continue to pour into, and much to my surprise, they are now on their third

or fourth printing.  (God bless my mother!)  I would like to thank everyone who has purchased a book (and especially those who have purchased

more than one) and I want you to know that I intend to take each and every one of you to the Academy Awards.  (What a bus trip that will be!)

Starting planning your vacation days and looking for baby-sitters!

(Brad and Angelina will be supplying the hot dogs and beer.)

Love to all…..       Doc Yanoff

One thought on “DON’T STOP THE PRESSES!

  1. I recently purchased a copy of this wonderful book and can honestly say
    that it is one of the best mystery novels I have ever read. Wow, what a
    great summer read. I can’t wait for the next Yanoff novel. If they don’t make a movie out of this book they’re nuts!

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