No, it’s not Elvis Presley’s birthday, but…  MINE!    (The King was born on January

8, 1935)  In fact, if he had not passed away on August 16, 1977, he would be….

VERY OLD!)  Somewhere around 77 years of age!

Actually, it’s not even my birthday, which is officially celebrated in 10 southern states, two foreign countries, and the District of Slovakia, on May 29th.

Nevertheless, I will be celebrating my own birth today, and in so doing, I have sent

my mother a “congratulations card” for giving birth to me.  (Truthfully, what choice

did she have?)  Seriously though, this is an especially wonderful birthday thanks to

all my family and friends and the marvelous good luck I have recently experienced

with the publication of the (now) International Best-Seller…  THE PRESLEY PLOT!


(the birthplace of Elvis) the city fathers (and a couple of mothers) are holding their

annual ELVIS FESTIVAL!   (June 1, 2, and 3 are the main days.)  If you find yourself

or someone else anywhere near Tupelo, you should definitely check this out.  My book

will not be available in time for me to appear as a guest speaker or sign autographed

copies, but I do intend to visit Tupelo in mid-July.  I have some interesting publicity

events lined up and will post them as time draws near.

Please remember that there is still time to purchase a modest gift for your favorite

author!  (I have plenty of clothes, but I do need a new sports car…  preferably a pink

cadillac!)  Take care, all, and remember that this weekend is not about me, Elvis, or

anyone else except the brave men and women who serve and protect us in all

branches of the military.  Thank God we still have folks like them!

I salute them all….

Doc Yanoff

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