Good evening, fellow followers of fun fiction!


If you cast your gaze upward upon thy blog page you shall see a truly amazing sight!  The cover of my first mystery novel, THE PRESLEY PLOT, is now

officially completed and at the printer!  As I have stated previously, I think the good folks at Aberdeen Bay did a marvelous job, and I am most grateful

for their assistance.  The book cover (in my semi-humble opinion) came out perfect and captured the exact mood is was hoping to see on the front.

So far, we have over 450 book orders and the number keeps growing daily!


Just for the record…  the general public will not be able to purchase the book until it is officially listed on, which I am told, should be

on or about July 1st.  (Naturally, I will keep you informed of the situation as it progresses.)


In the meantime, I have some more wonderful news to share with you…  two different production agents/companies have already expressed an

interest in offering a “production option” on the book!  (Basically, they offer you a nice chunk of change for giving them the 1-year option of turning

your work into a movie.)  I have not made any commitments, nor do I intend to, until the book has a chance to reach the reading public and run

its course.  Time will tell where we end up, but it’s all good.  Especially since I have so many loyal fans anxious to support me….  and God knows

I am so grateful for that!


Well, time to go….  book three in the series (DEVIL’S  COVE) awaits!


If you get a moment, please drop me a line and let me know your thoughts on the cover!


Love to all,   Doc Yanoff.




  1. Wow! Great cover art… can’t wait to read the book!

  2. The cover is fantastic! I cannot wait to read the book.

  3. Leigh Ann Woodward

    I think the cover is great. Very professional and looks really good.

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