I hate to admit it, but today is my 39th birthday.  (I started counting when I was

twenty!)  Accordingly, I am offering 500 autographed copies of THE PRESLEY PLOT

to the first person who can correctly state the names of the other 3 famous and

talented Americans who were born today.  (No cheating!)  Naturally, you will be

obliged to purchase said books on Amazon.com (hopefully at the end of June)

BUT…..  the autographs are free!

Now for some fascinating news about…..  ELVIS PRESLEY!

When the King was found dead in his Graceland mansion in August, 1977,

he was first interred in a crypt in Memphis Cemetery (with his mother) but two

months later, both were reburied in Meditation Garden at Graceland.

So…..  Elvis Presley’s original crypt is now being auctioned off!  (No joke.)

The sale is being conducted by Julien’s Auctions of Beverly Hills, and the

bidding starts at…..  $100,000!

I hear they had to erect a fence around the crypt…..   people were dying to get in!

If you see me at the auction, don’t wave.  (They might think you’re bidding on the


Well, Elvis may have left the building, but the building is now for sale.

Good luck to all you bidders!


Doc Yanoff


P.S.   The answers to the quiz:  Patrick Henry, Bob Hope, JFK.