NOT MY STOCK PORTFOLIO, ELVIS PRESLEY!  Can you believe that yesterday marked the 37th anniversary of the King’s passing?  Yep, August 16, 1977.  This week, as some of you know, was “Elvis Presley Week,” in Memphis, Tennessee.  This year’s crowd was probably around 500,000, and as usual, they were treated to an assortment of events related to The King of Rock ‘n Roll.  Including, I might add, the opportunity to purchase an autographed copy of my first mystery novel, THE GRACELAND GANG.  (Available at leading bookstores throughout Memphis.)  I understand that sales were quite good, and God-willing, I will be holding a seminar at next year’s event.  Should be interesting!

I’d like to give a big “shout out” to my dearest friends in Memphis….  Ron and Debbie Lazarov.  (Thank you for introducing us to Corky’s barbecue!)  If you ever need a place to stay, call them.  (They only charge $175 per night for a room, but you get a free bottle of water.)

Speaking of great friends, I am very proud of Ms. Terri Schexnayder, my dear friend from the Writers League of Texas.  Terri just had a wonderful article published in Texas Highways Magazine, so if you’re a subscriber, check it out.  (The article is titled “Gone Fishing!” and it starts on page 15.)  Great writing, and some valuable information about the freshwater fishery center in Athens.  I had no idea that Terri went to Greece, or that Greeks loved catfish.  Hold on, make that Athens, Texas.  Oops, so much for my upcoming Greek humor.  (Read the article slowly, so that you can “Ab-ZORBA” the details.)  Hey, I had to make one joke!  (I know, it’s “still Greek to you!”)

My second nationally broadcast radio interview, featuring a discussion on THE SECOND MOURNING, can be heard (almost live) this coming Tuesday, August 19, at 12 noon ET.  The entire interview will be presented on WTAN-AM 1340 in Tampa, and KLRG-AM 880 in Little Rock.  We spent 30 minutes discussing the untold story of America’s most bizarre political murder – the assassination of President James A. Garfield.  I think you will find the broadcast intriguing and educational.

In closing, since we could all use a good laugh, I would like to share some things that I recently overheard at a local day camp.  (Where I went to speak to 10-year-old kids.)  They were discussing “world events,” and some of their comments were truly hysterical…

1.  My grandpa is a doctor, and he told me that granola is spreading throughout Africa.   (Thank God it’s not shredded wheat.)

2.  The Turds are being attacked by a group called IRIS.  (Who is this woman?)

3.  Hamas was firing mistletoe into Israel.  (Maybe they will kiss and make up.)

4.  President Obama is vacationing in Martha’s Backyard.  (I wonder if she knows about this, and if so, will invite IRIS?)

The above comments are all true, which reminded me of Art Linkletter’s old show, “Kid’s Say The Darndest Things.”  Ah, youth is wasted is on the young.  Still, it’s important to be young at heart, which just happens to be the title of one of my favorite songs.  I hope you all have a young and joyful week, and if you miss my broadcast, don’t fret.  (Do you think guitar players “fret?”)  I will post a link to the podcast sometime during the week.

Elvis loves ya, baby!

Doc Yanoff





Well, as many of you know, today, Thursday, August 16th, marks the 35th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death.  I find it difficult to believe that 35 years have gone by so quickly, but as they say, the calendar does not lie.  I am happy to report that the fans who traveled to Memphis to honor The King received a very special surprise.  (No, Elvis did not make a surprise appearance and file for Social Security!)  However…..   for the first time in history Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley appeared together at the annual gathering!

In case your wondering why my first mystery was THE PRESLEY PLOT (I have 4 more books in the works!) let me share some interesting details with you…..  the annual Memphis tribute to Elvis Presley draws hundreds of thousands of fans and runs for the entire week!  The tribute begins with a candlelight vigil at Graceland (which this year attracted 75,000 people!!)  If you have ever wanted to visit Graceland, this is the time to go.  Trust me, you will never forget the sight of so many people walking silently along, holding candles, weeping, and scraping wax from their fingers.  It is a sight to behold!  (As I said in Memphis, no other artist could ever hold a candle to Elvis!)

Oddly enough, when his “old flame” showed up the crowd was stunned…… I later discovered that her appearance was one of those last-minute decisions….but I’m sure everyone was thrilled to see the two ladies together for the first time.  The coolest moment came when Lisa Marie (Elvis Presley’s daughter) told the assembled mass:  “I’ve always avoided this because I felt it would be too emotional, but I really felt it was important to come down here tonight……  I love you very, very, very much.”

Lisa Marie was only 9 years old when her father died, and as she restated in Memphis, she actually thought that her famous father would be forgotten as the years marched on.  OMG, was she wrong!  Event organizers predicted no less than 500,000 visitors during the week of rememberance!  As I have mentioned before, Elvis is selling more records today than when he was alive!  (And believe me, that was a lot of records!)  Graceland, from what I’ve seen, has become something of a national monument, and I recently read that it is the second most visited home in the United States!  The first is the White House, but none of the occupants were ever as popular (or talented) as Elvis Presley.  Granted, a few had similar parties, but none could match the fun and games that occurred at Graceland.

If you want to catch a glimpse of the total madness (in a fun sense) of Elvis Week, I suggest you log onto:   http://www.elvis.com/elvisweekonline/

These folks are providing day to day coverage of the event, and you have to see it to believe it.  (Imagine a city filled with Elvis impersonators!)  They actually do a terrific job covering all of the hundreds of sub-events and special tributes that occur during the week, and if you enjoy the King’s music, this is the site for you.  Of course, an even better source of information would be a copy of the best-selling mystery novel THE PRESLEY PLOT.  I took the liberty of sending a signed copy of the book to both Priscilla and Lisa Marie, and I fully expect a “thank you call” from both of the ladies.  (Hey, a boy can dream!)   If I don’t hear from them, I will just assume that they have a lousy cell phone plan.  (I doubt they’re short on funds, but you never know.)

Well, there you have it friends……  a sweet, but sad day for millions of fans around the world.  If you’re my age (39 years old) or even close to it, take a moment to reflect on the music of this incredible man.  In truth, there will never be another like him.  Nobody will ever come close to the King.  (Although the Beatles are certainly up there.)  Of course, they were four distinct talents…. and Elvis was solo.

I wonder if he is lonesome tonight?  I hope not.  I doubt it.

Long live the King!

Doc Yanoff