“WHAT WOULD YOU THINK IF I SANG OUT OF TUNE….. ”   Do you remember this song penned by Lennon & McCartney?  It first appeared on the classic 1967 album, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”  Frankly, it’s one of my favorite Beatle songs, and as fate would have it, I got plenty of help from my friends this week…..

On Wednesday, I was interviewed by Sarah Dolittle, the multi-talented reporter from the Four Points News.  Sarah and I spent several hours together, and we discussed THE GRACELAND GANG, THE PIRATE PATH, and DEVIL’S COVE.  I must warn you….  photographs were taken, so don’t be shocked if you see my mug on the cover of your Sunday newspaper.  (The photographs should NOT be used for target practice!)

On Friday, my poker friends in Cedar Park were kind enough to contribute $600 to my ever-growing poker fund, BUT…..  once again, the big news was made by my wife.  (Playing as “The Queen of Hearts.”)  Patty placed 4th in a major poker tournament and made the Mighty Cobra look silly.  (A rather simple task, I’m afraid!)

On Saturday, our good friends, Mary and Ivar Rachkind, had a lovely costume party to celebrate the arrival of Halloween.  The party was held at their beautiful home in River Place, and you might imagine, a great time was had by all.  I would like to thank the Rachkinds for the great food, great wine, great company, and great conversation.  In case you’re wondering, I came as “The Chic of Araby” and Miss Patty was “Catwoman.”   We didn’t win the costume contest, but we did receive several votes.  (Bribery works wonders!)

Finally, for those of you that might be attending the Texas Book Festival, please check out two of my dear friends that will be prominently featured at this year’s event…..   Mrs. Michael Schneider, the author of several highly acclaimed romantic suspense novels.  (Including BLIND FAITH and THE DARKNESS OF PERFECTION.)  Michael is an incredibly talented author AND a brilliant insurance underwriter!  (She works for my other friend, Mr. Ted Heaton, a State Farm agent.)  Mr. Larry Brill, a former television news broadcaster AND a terrific writer, will also be at the festival.  Larry’s latest book is titled, THE PATTERER, and it is described as “Monty Python meets Charles Dickens.”  The book has gotten a number of rave reviews and should be on everyone’s reading list this year.  If you mention my name, you will receive a (very) slight discount!

BONUS SURPRISE!  If you are still awake, I would like you to know that two of my book covers have been chosen as “finalists” in the annual book cover contest sponsored by Murder Ink Press!  (A very rare accomplishment.)  The new covers of THE GRACELAND GANG and THE PIRATE PATH are in the running, so keep your fingers crossed for me.  (Even though the artist gets the cash prize!)  I get some free publicity.  Ah well, free is good.

Have a safe and wonderful week!  Love to all…..

Doc Yanoff

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