HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Did you and yours gobble up lots of food?  We had a veritable (Not vegetable) feast at my house.  The dining room table was a sight for sore eyes… and sore bellies!  I think I swallowed more stuffing than the bird.  Speaking of birds, and let’s face it, Thanksgiving is for the birds, President Obama continued a long tradition by pardoning a plump turkey.  (No, not Alec Baldwin.)  The turkey’s name was “Popcorn.”

Which reminds me…  Did you know that popcorn was invented by a high-ranking Army officer?  Yep, the guy was a kernel.  (Colonel)  Every time he made popcorn his troops would butter him up.  I would find that “ear-itating.”  (Do you think these jokes are too corny?)  All right, I’ll move on…..

My darling wife, Lucrezia Borgia Yanoff, made a splendid meal, and we were joined by my two beautiful daughters, my hard-working son-in-law, and most importantly, my grand-dog Baker.  Truly a memorable feast.  Especially for Baker.  (He got the bigger half of the wishbone.)  Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Our festivities continued on Friday, when we drove down to my brother-in-law’s ranch in Boerne, Texas.  (Boerne, pronounced “Bernie,” is a lovely town in the Texas Hill Country.)  We got to visit with my brother-in-law, his sons, his lovely girlfriend, and several of my favorite in-laws from Dallas.  We sat around an outdoor fire, sipping bourbon and beer, telling tall tales, and enjoying some wonderful comraderie.  What a marvelous evening.

Since we’re on the subject of marvelous events…..  If you recall, I previously mentioned that some of my new book covers had been nominated for “Outstanding design and layout” by a major trade group in New York.  Well, the top prize went to a science fiction novel, but it was the first time in the group’s history that one author had received 3 nominations!  Just for the record, I had little to do with the exterior of the books, but I  am still very proud of this recognition.  (These were the front covers of THE GRACELAND GANG, THE PIRATE PATH, and DEVIL’S COVE.)

Before I leave you, I must say “thanks” to Ms. Amy from Dallas (and her incredibly gorgeous mother, Judge Susan) for the delivery of my favorite “treat” in life (that’s legal)…..  cheese pockets from Stein’s Bakery!  Thank you, ladies!

Also, I would like you to know that this particular blog is dedicated to a dear friend of mine who is recuperating from foot surgery.  (The Princess of Portugal)  I hope you are feeling better, Princess.  We look forward to your gala return to Austin.  Central Texas is too quiet without you!  (Although I’m trying my best to fill the void!)

Well, my dear family, friends, and blog followers….. I hope you had a joyous holiday, and like me, have much to be thankful for.  God bless you all this coming year, and as is my custom, I shall leave you with a bad joke…..  (Courtesy of my nephew, Colton)    What do you call a cow with no legs?  Are you ready?  Ground beef!

Love to all…..

Doc Yanoff

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  1. Happy Turkey. Johnny Venokur
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