Good evening! I am pleased to report that my new history book, GONE BEFORE GLORY (The Life and Tragic Death of William McKinley) has just been selected as a FINALIST for the “Best U.S. History Book of the Year” by the FEATHERED QUILL BOOK AWARDS! (Award number five!) Thank you to all the judges, and thanks to all my loyal blog followers! GONE BEFORE GLORY is available at,, and leading bookstores across the nation.


IMAGINE MY SURPRISE WHEN MY ESTEEMED PUBLISHER NOTIFIED ME THAT MY NEW HISTORY BOOK, TITLED, “GONE BEFORE GLORY,” WAS AWARDED NOT ONE, BUT TWO, LITERARY AWARDS THIS PAST WEEK! (MIND YOU, WITHOUT BRIBING ANY JUDGES!) I know what you’re thinking… how does this man do it? Beats me. Some of my good fortune is just plain luck. (Most of it, if you ask my wife!) I like to think that I’m daring, unafraid to have my books judged by others. Daring runs in my family. My Uncle Zeb was the first farmer to look at a cow and say, “I think I’ll squeeze those dangly things and drink whatever comes out.” Well, at least that’s the way the story has been passed down. Sounds like the pasteurized version to me.

In any case, GONE BEFORE GLORY was recently chosen as one of the best U.S. History Books in the 2021 New England Book Festival AND the Southern California Book Fest! Needless to say, I’m pleased as punch and greatly appreciate these literary awards. I had planned on attending the awards ceremony in California, but it looks like my Caribbean voyage is back on track. Our ship, the S.S. Omicron, will be leaving as scheduled from Miami in February! Hooray! (Hopefully we’ll get stuck in St. Kitts or St. Barts!)

Unfortunately, due to Covid concerns, most of the Caribbean book festivals have been cancelled, but we still plan to meet a lot of new readers aboard ship. We will be traveling aboard Regent Cruises, so if you happen to be in the Caribbean basin, please feel free to stop by for an autographed copy of GONE BEFORE GLORY. (The real name of our ship is the Regent SPLENDOR.)

While I’ve been typing this email I had a thought….. If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we ever know? Speaking of words, how come “abbreviated” is such a long word? Furthermore, why do we say something is out of whack? What the hell is whack? (John Wick’s uncle?) If you have any answers to these burning questions, please keep it to yourself.

By the way, since we’ve all been on sort of a “lockdown,” I’ve used my time wisely and have written another “Adam Gold Mystery.” Well, I’m actually on page 310, and have two more chapters to go. I should be finished before my ships departs. For those of you who care, the book is titled, DEAD ENDING. I think this is the best book in the series, and look forward to seeing it in print. I will, of course, keep you posted about its publication. Lucky for me that I don’t have a real job!

Incidentally, if work is so terrific, why do they have to pay you to do it?

Ever think of that?

Well, dear friends, I’m off to Boerne, Texas, for another literary event, so please take good care of yourselves and stay safe. I wish you and yours a wonderful and prosperous NEW YEAR! Love to all,

Doc Yanoff


Well, with just 5 or 6 days left until Mr. Santa makes his annual appearance, I have some good holiday news to share….. The winners of one of this year’s most prominent book award contests have recently been announced, and much to my delight, my new history masterpiece, GONE BEFORE GLORY, has been chosen as one of the “MOST NOTABLE BOOKS OF 2021!” Yes, dear friends, the judges of the 2021 SHELF UNBOUND BOOK COMPETITION have spoken, and I am very pleased to be the recipient of their HUGE cash prize. (Which will be donated to charity.)

The SHELF AWARDS are very important in the publishing industry, and there were over 5,000 books entered in this year’s contest. To be chosen is actually a great honor, and I am most thankful. In case you’re keeping score, this is the second major award that GONE BEFORE GLORY has received. (I was lucky enough to win a Bronze Medal at the Paris Book Awards a few months back.) Also, if you’re looking for a wonderful “stocking stuffer,” this book would make a great gift. (Plus you’ll be helping a terrific charity for children!)

By the way, don’t worry about the price. (You can’t take it with you, anyway. The money, that is.) Incidentally, did you know that “paper money” is actually a blend of cotton and linen? (and it can actually be washed!) The one dollar bill is still my favorite. It was designed by Ben Franklin and a group from the First Continental Congress. Interestingly, the number 13 is quite prominent on the bill itself. (You’ll note that there were 13 original colonies, that there were 13 signers of the Declaration of Independence, and that the bill displays…. (are you ready for this?) …. 13 stars in the Seal, 13 steps on the pyramid, 13 leaves in the olive branch, 13 arrows in the eagle’s talon, 13 stars above the eagle’s head, and….. There are 13 letters in the slogan “E PLURIBUS UNUM!”) WHAT’S THE STORY WITH THAT??

Don’t spend too much time thinking about the above. We have more important things to worry about… For instance, why doesn’t Elmer’s glue stick to the INSIDE of the bottle? If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him? If natural foods are so good for you, why do so many people die of natural causes? If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests? (Oops, that might be an X-rated joke!)

Some of my blog followers from the DEEP SOUTH (i.e., St. Thomas, St. Martin, St. Kitts, St. Bart’s) have inquired about my presence at some of the upcoming book fairs. Well, I am happy to report that I will be visiting your lovely islands sometime in February, 2022. My itinerary is being “firmed up” as we speak, so once I know what’s going on with that damn Covid nonsense, I shall let everyone know where and when to find me. (Don’t forget to bring cash and/or rum to pay for the books!)

I believe, but I’m not positive, that our first stop will be St. Thomas, the lovely island which we purchased from Denmark in 1917. (Those crafty Danes asked for $25 million, which seems fair to me, as that is what the average house in Austin now costs!!) Well, almost costs. In any case, we will be visiting with some fellow drunkards at the near-perfect location of Magens Bay, which is lined with coconut palms and kissed by azure waters. If you’re anywhere on the island, come by and we’ll put another shrimp on the barbie. (Usually, Barbie complains, but women are like that.)

So, after that terrible joke, let me wish you and yours are very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a most HAPPY NEW YEAR. I do look forward to chatting with all of my blog followers next year, which I hope will be filled with joy and happiness for all. If you get a little depressed during the holidays, just remember that “health nuts” have it much worse than us. (Someday those healthy folks are going to feel mighty stupid, lying in a hospital and dying of nothing!)

Until then, I remain, as always, Dr. S.G. Yanoff, ESQ., LTD., N.U.T.




PILGRIM’S PROGRESS (Or lack thereof!)

Have you, perchance, read the above book, which was written by John Bunyan? (Who might have been related to Paul Bunyan. Who knows.) Anyway, I thought it might be a good title for this week’s blog post. Fall has fell and the holiday season has begun! First came that awful day when we had to set our clocks back (or forward in my case) to honor some old tradition. When I was a kid, I thought DAYLIGHT SAVINGS was the name of a bank. (I wasn’t too bright back then!) Now we move on to the favorite holiday of dentists… Halloween.

Did you know that over 160 million Americans buy candy for this trick or treat fiasco? (That’s about half the population!) Hard to believe, but Americans spend about $2.6 BILLION dollars on Halloween candy each year. The top selling cavity-producer is….. (the envelope please) ….. SKITTLES! (The grossest type of candy you can put in your mouth!) For you candy corn folks, don’t fret… 35 million pounds of that gunk was sold and/or consumed. (I used to eat candy corn with salt and butter until I realized it was melting the darn thing! Like I said before, I weren’t too bright a lad!)

Hey, why can’t ghosts have children? (Answer: Because they have “hallow-weenies!”)

All right, let’s move on to Thanksgiving, shall we? President Biden pardoned the “official” birds, whose names are Peanut Butter and Jelly. Good for him. Unfortunately, his Vice-President did not agree with the pardon, calling it (and I quote) ….. “A clear example of systematic ornithology prejudice and a ‘foul’ deed!) She didn’t really say that, but I’m trying to stir up trouble. Hey, don’t forget to talk politics at your Thanksgiving dinner. (You’ll save money on Christmas gifts!)

Here at Villa Yanoff we will be especially thankful for a new addition to our family… my beautiful daughter, Rachel, recently gave birth to a 8.5 pound tax deduction named William Arthur Zell. He is soooo handsome. (He favors me) He was quite a sizable baby. They almost had to induce birth, but my daughter decided to handle the situation on her own… and out he came! (Oddly enough, my wife had to be induced with drugs in order to have sex with me!) Anyway, Mom and child are doing well, so we are once again on cloud nine, and one step closer to personal bankruptcy!

A big shout out now to… Joy and Jordon, my son-in-law’s dear friends who came to Austin from Los Angeles and Las Vegas to observe the bris. If you’re not familiar with this procedure, let’s just say it gives the male child a chance to circumvent, or something like that. The person who does the snipping of the you-know-what is called a Mohel. (They don’t make a lot of money. Mainly tips.) Fortunately, the procedure is done quickly, and in most cases, the young lad has no scars or memories of his first encounter with scalpels. (Unless, as with me, the procedure is done when you turn eighteen. Just kidding. I faint at the sight of my own blood.)

For those of you who would like to see what my new grandson looks like (without his you-know-what) please scroll down and you will find two lovely photos of my grand-daughters, Goldie and Fiona, holding their new brother. (Just after he lost two ounces!) I’ve also included some Halloween shots, which reveal exactly how these hooligans dress up! (Superman is my other grand-son, Leo.)

Finally, I will soon have some MAJOR news to share with you concerning a book award about to be given to GONE BEFORE GLORY. (which was just named as one of the top 100 books of 2021 by a MAJOR media group.) I cannot reveal the actual name of the contest until it becomes official in early December, but I am quite thrilled by this honor. I shall, as they say, keep you abreast (or a thigh, if you prefer) of the situation!

Until then, be safe and be happy. Have a marvelous Thanksgiving and be grateful that we all live in the most wonderful country on earth! Love to all,

Doc Yanoff **Photos attached**


Well, you know what they say about Texas weather… stick around for five minutes and it’s sure to change! It certainly changed this week. Last Monday it was 101 degrees down here in Austin, and then on Tuesday, it was a balmy 102 degrees. Finally, today, it dropped way down to 90 degrees, and I had to find a sweater to wear! I love reptiles, so I found a nice turtleneck. (Ouch!) In any case, summer is finally over and fall is in the air. (I think that’s what I smell) Personally, I love the summertime down here in the Lone Star State, but on that subject, I am a definitely a minority. (I think the heat keeps the riff riff off the golf course!)

Our last summer fling was flung in Port Aransas (naked photos attached) and as usual, we had a marvelous week at the Sandpiper Resort. The weather (and the water) were absolutely perfect, and we even found time to sign a few books. I’m happy to report that Port A has fully recovered from the last devastating hurricane, and as far as I could tell, almost all of the great seafood restaurants are back in business.

On a (slightly) sad note, the amazing women who run one of the most pleasant events in Texas (“An Evening With The Authors”) in Lockhart, Texas, were forced to cancel this year’s event due to the continued concerns of Covid. However, as the incredible Ms. Juanita McBride has assured me, the show will go on next year, and the evening gala will be better than ever! By the way, not only are the ladies of Lockhart wonderful, but their “cause” is also great… the event raises some much-needed funds for the Dr, Eugene Clark Library, a true Texas treasure. (and the event also supports many of their community programs!)

Naturally, I hope to see many of my Texas friends next year. (In lovely Lockhart) If this week is any indication, we will have much to celebrate… Why, you ask? Because my new history book, GONE BEFORE GLORY, has just won its first literary award! Oui, my friends, my book won the BRONZE MEDAL (Honorable Mention) at the PARIS BOOK FESTIVAL! I am thrilled and honored to be recognized by our French allies, and appreciate their offer to attend the awards ceremony is Gay Paree. (Even though I’m straight. Mostly.)

Actually, I do have a trip to France on the books (so to speak) but we are not due to arrive in the “City of Light” until next August. Nevertheless, it is tempting to travel abroad, so who knows, maybe I’ll be packing my bags before then. To tell you the truth, I love Europe, but there are so many foreigners there, and some of them are very rude. (i.e., they don’t speak English!)

By the way, in addition to the Paris Book Festival honor, I received my first comprehensive, professional book review, and I was sincerely grateful for all of the nice comments made by the reviewer. (No, I did NOT bribe her!) Although I might have tried if they’d told me her name! For those of you that have absolutely nothing to do later today, please scroll down and see the review. I think you will find it quite interesting and very well-written. (I do wish she would have said something about my hilarious jokes, but alas, that will have to wait.)

Well, mes amies, (my friends) I shall now take my leave of thee until next time. Please stay safe and try to remember the words of that great French character-actor, Pepe Le Pew, who said, “Doesn’t this croque monsieur come with French fries?” Until we rendezvous again, au revoir!


Well, I was planning to post this (semi) humorous blog from my hotel room in Colorado, but you know what they say about plans… Plans are what we make while life goes on! Here I was, packed and ready to head west, when all of a sudden Mother Nature has a fit. Those awful wildfires that are burning out west seem to have affected my travel plans in such a way that it no longer made sense to leave the Lone Star State. Thanks to my new publicist, Marvin “Mix-up” Mankowitz, I was booked into a wonderful suite at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. He told me that my room overlooked the pool. I suppose I should have asked which pool, but I didn’t. (It overlooked the hotel’s cesspool!) Just kidding. The room was great, but I was still a bit confused…..

What exactly is a Broadmoor? It sounds like it might be an overweight Muslim of mixed Berber and Arab descent. (The actual definition) In any case, the hotel was lovely, but alas, the smoke and fire were problematic, so…. we also had to re-schedule our next stop. After forcing my new book upon unsuspecting guests at the Broadmoor, we were supposed to head up the mountain. (Roughly 8,000 feet up!) The plan was to spend the next week at the Emerald Ranch, a highfalutin cowboy ranch catering to wannabe cowboys like me.

I had three marvelous horseback trips planned, but the horses are in some kind of equine union, so they do not have to work during adverse conditions. (Fine with me, I don’t like to work under any conditions!) I’m not sorry about cancelling my trail rides, because with my luck, I might have caught hoof and mouth disease! Ah yes, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

In order to promote my new book, GONE BEFORE GLORY, we quickly switched gears and headed for Boerne, Texas, a charming town in the Hill Country. I must say that our trip was a complete success. Not only did we manage to spend some quality time with my beloved brother-in-law (Tim McCloskey) but we also go to meet his lovely new girlfriend and bore her to death with stories about President William McKinley! (She might be giving up her American citizenship because of me!)

In any case, I have some marvelous news to share with my (100,000+) blog followers….. my new nonfiction history book, GONE BEFORE GLORY, is now available at,, Kindle, Nook, and leading bookstores across the nation! It took a while (due to Covid related issues in the publishing world) but I think you will find well worth the wait. The book has received a couple of great reviews already, and I think it’s destined to win a bunch of awards. (Keep your fingers crossed!)

Hopefully, there are still a few autographed copies available, but if not, just contact me and I’ll see if I can’t round one up. In the meantime, thank you all for your continued support! As many of you know, I don’t write for the money, but for the pure joy of entertaining and educating myself and the public. I do hope you enjoy GONE BEFORE GLORY, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.

Until we meet again, take care, be safe, and keep smiling!

Love to all,

Doc Yanoff


Bon jour, mon ami! Greetings from “The Big Easy,” which happens to be one of the nicknames for the city of New Orleans, as well as the nickname of my high school girlfriend. (Don’t ask!) We have actually had a marvelous time traveling back in time (New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in America) and enjoyed our stay at the Windsor Court Hotel, situated on the edge of the French Quarter. The other 3/4 of the city was also a treat, especially our gourmet feast at Mr. B’s Bistro on Bourbon Street. Due to my worldwide fame (and a modest bribe) we were treated like royalty and given a copious amount of gumbo and oysters, along with some magnificent Sazerac cocktails. I’ve always enjoyed this city, even though Bourbon Street can get a little rowdy at times. We only made one mistake. When some folks on a balcony tossed a strand of beads at us, Patty threw her Rolex watch at them. Oh well, c’est la vie!

While gouging ourselves on gumbo and oysters (deep fried) we found time to wander over to Cafe Du Monde for some chicory coffee and beignets. A messy treat, but well worth the effort! Beignets are very low-calorie (yeah, right) so we only consumed four of them. (Each!) Oddly enough, you really get your money’s worth when you eat those scrumptious balls of fried dough. How so? Well, according to my watch (the one we didn’t lose) it takes about eight hours to digest each beignet, so you get plenty of time to savor the experience.

One of the most fun things to do in New Orleans is taking cruise on the Mississippi River via steamboat. We managed to wrangle an invitation aboard the Delta Queen a/k/a “The Lusitania of Louisiana” for a charming trip up and down the river. The luncheon was actually pretty good (more gumbo, of course) and the Dixieland band sensational. I’ve never traveled via water south of the city, so I found the cruise quite interesting. Did you guys know that the Mississippi River is one of the longest rivers in the state? (I’m just being silly. The dang river is actually 2,350 miles long!) That’s longer than the Comal River in Texas!

After stuffing ourselves in New Orleans we drove east, via I-10, to one of my favorite spots in America, Rosemary Beach, Florida. We usually park ourselves at the Pearl Hotel, which remains one of my favorite hotels. Lovely rooms, overlooking the gulf, great staff, great food, and the cleanest water in the entire country. The beaches in this section of Florida are magnificent, and I was happy to see that folks were out and about enjoying the sand and surf. (I, of course, also enjoyed the surf & turf!) Yep, the food in Rosemary Beach is superb. We ate like kings (and queens) and had some truly memorable meals. If you don’t plan to return to the area, you don’t need to tip. Just saying.

The purpose of the trip (other than going bankrupt on seafood) was to spread the news that my next book, GONE BEFORE GLORY, is at the final stage of publication and should be available to the reading public sometime next week! As I mentioned in an earlier post, the pre-publication reviews have all been great, so I think my fans will really enjoy this book. As you might remember, this book is about the life and death of President William McKinley, one of the most intriguing figures in American history. His crazy assassin (Leon Czolgosz) is described in lurid detail and will be someone you will never forget, so get ready for another great read!

For those of you following my sordid life, please note that our next adventure (also a book tour event) will be a lengthy visit to the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado, followed by a week at Emerald Ranch, the cowboy venue up in the mountains. The last time I was at the ranch, a weathered cowboy taught me how to tell the temperature by listening to a cricket! (To convert cricket chirps to degrees Fahrenheit, just count the number of chirps in 14 seconds, then add 40 to get the temperature.) OR…. you can glance at your cell phone, whichever is easier!

By the way, I will NOT be riding bareback on this outing. The last time I did that, I got a terrible sunburn.

Well, my friends, that’s about it for now. Enjoy the upcoming week, keep those masks on, and be safe. If you have nothing else to do, please scroll down and enjoy the photographs I took in New Orleans and Rosemary Beach. Love to all,

Doc Yanoff


Yeah, I know what some of you are thinking… you thought I’d end up on death row instead of music row, but you were wrong! I have just returned from a rather successful trip to the lovely city of Nashville, Tennessee! (Which, as some of you know, it actually the city of my birth… although many of the current residents are reluctant to discuss that fact!) In any case, this was my second venture out and about the USA, and I am happy to report that my literary popularity has not diminished since the dreaded virus reared its ugly head. Nashville is known as “Music City,” and for good reason… there is live music everywhere, and most of it is quite good. I was surprised to find a country & western trio in my shower, but hey, when in Rome…

Aside from promoting myself (which is a full-time job) I had the great pleasure of visiting with my two lovely aunts, Gladys and Thelma, the ruling matriarchs of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Both of my adorable aunts have lived in Mt. Juliet for over 55 years! In the same houses! (But neither had a trio of musicians in their shower.) While endearing myself to the locals, I had plenty of time to catch up with two of my wonderful cousins, Jimmy Deatrick and Lane Wilson. Jimmy is an enormously successful real estate agent with Crye-Leike, the 3rd largest realtor in the nation. He is actually a Vice-President of the corporation and has earned several professional designations, including CRA, CRS, and GRI. (I don’t know what any of those letters mean, but I’m still impressed!)

Lane Wilson has also done pretty good for himself… The young lad is a partner at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment and is responsible for negotiating major deals for many of the leading performers in the Nashville music scene. (He is also on the Board of Directors for the Academy of Country Music and Leadership Music.) Lane was kind enough to invite us to a live concert and record promotion party, but due to my advanced age (and Covid concerns) we had to pass. (That was the first time I had to pass on a free pass!)

Needless to say, I am quite proud of my cousins, and glad that someone in our family has finally made a success of themselves! Which reminds me, my new nonfiction history book, GONE BEFORE GLORY, is finally in the final stages of design and should be released shortly. I know it’s been a while, but as they say, good things are worth waiting for! In any case, the pre-publication reviews (from 2 major newspapers) have been wonderful, so get ready for another great summer read.

Incidentally, for those of you who are collecting material for my biography, I should mention that we stayed at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville. This is the grand dame of the city, and a truly lovely venue located downtown. Hopefully, you will scroll down and take a look at our room. (the shower musicians did not want to be photographed.) I have also included (hopefully) some photos of Music Row and our favorite stop, Andrew Jackson’s home. (which, oddly enough, is also called the Hermitage!)

By the way, the large red-brick building is Ryman Auditorium, the “cathedral of country music.” We were given a private tour of the music hall, and it is quite impressive. Every major country and western star (except for my shower musicians) has appeared on the Ryman stage over the last 50 years or so. If you intend to visit Nashville, I strongly suggest that you order tickets online before you go, because the city was packed with tourists.

Later this year I will be starting a funding drive to purchase my boyhood home, and hopefully, turn it into a major tourist attraction. Hey, if Elvis is in Memphis, why shouldn’t I be in Nashville? Fair is fair, right?

All right, you hound dogs, that’s about it for now. I have some exciting news to share on my next blog (something great about a MAJOR book-signing event) but you will just have to wait for the details! Until then, please continue to be safe and take care! Love to all,

Doc Yanoff