Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam… and I’ll show you a messy house!  Which reminds me, when a buffalo leaves home, what do his parents say?  (Bison!)  I actually love this song, but the lyrics don’t make much sense.  Who would build a house on a range?  The minute you turn on the gas, boom!  I shouldn’t judge.  I used to take naps in the refrigerator.  (We had a Westinghouse, so that’s where I wested!)  By now you might be wondering about the range humor, yes?

Well, the reason I mentioned a range is because I recently drove down to La Grange, Texas.  (In a Range Rover, no less!)  I was there to speak to a local book club, and I was quite surprised by the charm of this small Texas town.  After my brilliant oration (most remained awake) I stopped at the Texas Quilt Museum and the Czech Heritage Center, two very interesting places.  (The museum kept me in stitches, and I didn’t pass a single “bad Czech!”)  If you make the trip, stop at Weikel’s Store & Bakery for some yummy kolaches.

Last Wednesday, I reached a new milestone.  My second mystery novel, THE PIRATE PATH, has become something of a literary sensation down under (that would be Australia, not Hell!)  Believe it or not, the book is now selling on eBay for…..  $70.00!  G’day mate, that’s a lot of money!  Well, now I know what my mother did with those extra copies I sent her.  If you happen to have a signed copy, you should check out the selling prices on eBay.  (You can make some big money, honey!)

Speaking of books, my publisher is still twerking, I mean, tweaking the book covers for my next mystery novel titled, RANSOM ON THE RHONE.  They are determined to get it right, and their professionalism is truly inspiring.  God willing, the book will be published in mid-January.  In the meantime, I will be posting some photographs taken on the French river cruise that inspired the tale.  (We took a cruise on the Rhone through central France.)  I hope you enjoy them, and please feel free to send along your questions.

Did any of you folks watch the Geminid meteor shower last night?  I did, but I kept thinking about a friend of mine who lives in Bath, England. Must be strange to be in Bath and watch a shower.  I feel “drained” just thinking about it!

Hey, did you notice yesterday’s date?  12/13/14!  Easy to remember, but that will be the last time in your life that there will be 3 consecutive numbers like that.  Well, you know what they say about your number being up.  I celebrated the momentous occasion by painting a large number of doors (don’t ask) and attending a dinner party.  I wasn’t sure I’d be invited to the party, but then I realized that it would be at my house.

Well, I must take my leave, as I am actually “dog-sitting” again.  No, not for Baker.  For Miss Romy.  Baker is a cockapoo.  Romy is a labradoodle.  They both eat like creatures from Jurassic Park (non stop) but I love them dearly.  Who knew that one day I would own my own kennel?  Life is full of surprises.  (It’s a “ruff job” but somebody has to do it!)  Take care, don’t worry about the fleas, and have a wonderful week!

Love to all, Doc Yanoff


P.S.  Just in case I decide to sell the dogs, I would like to post their photographs….  The white one is Baker.  The brown one is Romy.





3 thoughts on “HOME, HOME ON THE RANGE…

  1. Christine Nickles

    Love the cover!

  2. Clever post with a great sense of humor. The dogs are so adorable! I think it would be hard to give them up! Enjoyed your post. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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