Well, I told you had too much rum during my last voyage! I plum forgot to include the photographs I took down in the lovely Caribbean islands! If you scroll down, you will see some picturesque photos of St. Vincent (the island, not the saint) and St. Kitts. Better late than never! (There are no nude shots, so don’t get your hopes up!)


  1. Bradley A. Blakeman

    Stephen, Hope all is well. I just finished writing my book with Brian Jones one of President George W Bush’s favored speechwriters entitled: “The Other Side of the Fence.” It chronicles the three President’s I worked for and recounts the history I witnessed or participated in for over 40 years including: 9/11/01, the fall of the Berlin Wall, China challenges, the Florida Recount, etc. it brings the reader behind the scenes of history they know or think they did. I am currently searching for a publisher and thought I could seek your advice and counsel as to process and procedures. Please let me know if we can speak at your convenience. Best. Brad Blakeman 703-350/1084

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