Not only was this the title of Billy Wilder’s classic 1959 comedy film, but also an apt description of last week’s weather down here in Austin, Texas!  Granted, 7 days of intense heat was less funny than watching Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in drag.  However, except for Monday (which saw a temperature of 108 degrees!) there was some humor in our scorching week.  So, how hot was it?  Well, I saw some fire ants crawling around with canteens on their necks!  Two vultures opened a Kool-aid stand in front of our house!  I spotted a chicken with only its capon!  (Get it, “cape on?”)  All right, maybe it wasn’t so funny.  (I think the heat has melted my brain!)

In order to escape our lovely summertime weather, I packed up my gear (and a few family members) and headed down to the gorgeous Texas coast.  We rented a house down in Port Aransas and spent a week at the beach, which offered some enchanting views of the gulf.  (and even better, some views of a wet-bikini contest, which I was asked NOT to photograph!)  I don’t understand why some young ladies are so modest.  Just saying.

If you’re from a cold climate, you might want to scroll down and take a look at my beach photos.  (sans the bikinis!)  The weather was perfect, and the water quite inviting.  We’ve rented the house again in August, and if the temps climb close to 108 again, I might start living on a house boat.  The only good thing about the heat is that it kept the riff raff off the golf course.  (except me!)

Good news from my web-site provider!  Our blog has now reached a new plateau!  (We’re getting “up” in the world!)  We now have 125,000 confirmed blog followers in over 75 different countries!  I have no idea why folks in South America are interested in my thoughts, but that continent has the second-highest number of followers.  (North America, as you might imagine, is numero uno.)  All I can say, is “gracias amigos and amigettes.”  You are most welcome!  (Incidentally, all of my mysteries and histories are available in Spanish & Portuguese on  Just saying.

And while we are on the subject of influencing folks, allow me to mention the names of two amazing Social Media Influencers that I had the pleasure of talking to this past week.  (For you old fogies, an “Influencer” is someone who has acquired or developed fame and notability due to their marketing skills, advertising prowess, or knowledge of certain products.)  You MUST take a look at Ms. Kelly Wonderlin (a former model and brilliant businesswoman) and Ms. Rebecca Barlin, the owner of Cove Boutique in central Austin.  These two ladies are extremely smart and talented, and you can easily find them on the World Wide Web.  (a/k/a the Internet!)

Now, as far as publishing goes, most authors (including me) have decided to postpone the publication of their new book until the fall.  (or early next year)  As you might imagine, most of us feel uneasy about asking the public to buy our books in the midst of a global pandemic.  (and with so many good folks out of work)  So, if you’re anxious to read my next masterpiece (GONE BEFORE GLORY) you’ll have to be patient.  (I was once a thoughtful patient.  Well, actually I was a mental patient, but I digress… )   The book is completely finished, and will be available as soon as the world returns to normal, or whatever state it used to be in!

Finally, as an added showbiz tidbit, I would like to announce that I have been contacted by a representative of Netflix!  The firm is (somewhat) interested in acquiring the film rights to my entire mystery series, starring the suave insurance investigator, Adam Gold.  So far, we’ve discussed two of the books, RANSOM ON THE RHONE and CAPONE ISLAND.  These Hollywood deals usually fall flat, but as they say, you gotta be in it to win it.  (I’m hoping that I get to play the part of Adam Gold, but I think Ben Affleck would get the nod.  Those tinseltown types prefer a pretty face!)

Well, for all of my fellow organic gardeners, I am including some rare photographs of my out-of-control vegetable garden.  (I’ve never eaten so many veggies in my life!)  Please note that I am semi-nude, so do not share these photos with any underage persons or your mother-in-laws.  Thank you.

Have a safe and sugary week and don’t forget to wear your masks!  (If nothing else, you will be more comfortable this Halloween.)  Speak to you later, so be safe!

Love to all,

Doc Yanoff



One thought on “SOME LIKE IT HOT!

  1. What incredible news about Netflix!!!
    Fingers crossed! So proud of you.
    Stay safe. Take care,

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