Blog followers of the universe, you’d better sit down…  I’ve got some wonderful news to share with you today…  Believe it or not, my nonfiction book, THE SECOND MOURNING, has won another book award!  I am proud to announce that my book has won Second Place in the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BOOK FESTIVAL, which described my humble tale as “one of the very best nonfiction books of 2015.”   The official awards ceremony will be held in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 21, and I have been asked to say a few words to the audience!  (Imagine me saying a “few” words to anyone?)  I don’t know if I’m going to the ceremony or not.  I was hoping for some sort of statue or bust to be erected!

In any case, I have been invited to sit at the “Table of Honor,” and I want to sincerely thank all of my blog followers for making this possible.  While you didn’t get to vote, your support and encouragement was vital, and I truly adore each and every one of my 24,000 followers.  If I could, I’ve give each one of you a big hug!

And speaking of big hugs, I’d like to thank a couple of book clubs for inviting me to speak about THE SECOND MOURNING and one of my mystery novels, DEVIL’S COVE.  How do I love thee?  (Elizabeth Barrett Browning might ask)  Well, I love thee a great deal, and I appreciate your invitations!  Last Monday, I had the pleasure of entertaining the famous “Royalty of Round Rock” Book Club, and it was truly an evening to remember.  The gala event was hosted by the gorgeous and gracious Ann Dodson and her equally ravishing sidekick, Sally Hooper.  (Talk about a dynamic duo!)  My “booking agent” was none other than Helena Bomblatus, a/k/a The Princess of Portugal.

Since we were discussing THE SECOND MOURNING, the Round Rock ladies decided to dress in black, as if they too were in mourning!  (I also spotted a few black veils and several handkerchiefs!)  The menu du jour (in honor of President Garfield’s Ohio roots) included a delicious concoction called “Cincinnati chili.”  The food, wine, and company were simply outstanding, and I am most grateful to all who participated in this memorable event.  (Even to those who remained fully dressed during my oration.)

A few days earlier, I had the pleasure of chatting with a prominent book club in River Place.  This stellar event was hosted by the lovely and talented Susy McIntyre, who certainly knows how to throw a good party.  Once again, the dinner and drinks were superb, and even though my voice was allergy-affected, we all had a marvelous evening.  I would also like to thank Sally Banta for extending the initial invitation, and Karee Barker for asking so many wise and wonderful questions.  Thank you, ladies.  (I will return the silverware after the holidays.)

On a humorous note, I see that the Austin Police busted up a meth lab that was operating in a dairy barn.  (There are no “sacred cows” in Texas!)  When I read the story, I immediately went into “pun overdrive.”  For instance…..   When the police broke down the barn door, did they yell “Nobody Moo!?”  Did the criminals complain that this was “udder nonsense?”  Was this the worse thing that “cud” happen?  (How many cow jokes does this guy have?)  All right, let’s put this routine “out to pasture.”

So, in lieu of “milking” this routine any further, allow me to bid you all a fond farewell.  I hope you have a safe and prosperous week, and we shall meet again in the very near future.  Until then, happy trails to you…..   Love to all,

Doc Yanoff


***P.S.  Attached you will find some photographs from the Round Rock Book Club Love & Literature Festival.  (I apologize for any nudity I may have missed!)






3 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS …..

  1. Stephen,

    Second Mourning arrived. Thank you. I have been reading more (and enjoying) non-fiction of late. I am excited to begin yours.

    Mysteries still my go-to book of choice.

    Best and luck and thanks again,


  2. CONGRATULATIONS STEVE! That’s awesome!
    Thanks for all you do for us!

  3. Annette Rochelle Aben

    Congratulations! What an honor.

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