IS A VERY GOOD THING, INDEED!  However, it can occasionally lead to what is called an “embarrassment of riches.”  I am referring to my Saturday appearance at the Texas Book Festival, and the fact that we sold our ENTIRE inventory of books (5 cases!) by five o’clock that evening.  Yikes!  Of course I’m not really embarrassed about that, nor have I become filthy rich, but I am truly astonished by the sheer number of book lovers who participated in this event.  (The estimated crowd?  20,000 people!)  Saturday’s weather was sunny and warm, which was also perfect.)

As I mentioned, we sold a ton of books, met lots of wonderful people, and were visited throughout the day by family and friends.  (and the random pet!)  What more could a “starving artist” ask for?  How about some crab crakes?  Well, believe it or not, we got those, too!  And a lovely bottle of wine!  (Courtesy of my publisher, Murder Ink Press.)  By the time I finished autographing books (and drinking wine) I was almost comatose.  Yeah, I know, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

Just for the record, THE SECOND MOURNING was our best-selling book, followed by DEVIL’S COVE, THE PIRATE PATH, and THE GRACELAND GANG.  Interestingly, that was the exact order (in reverse) in which the books were written.  Hmmm.  I wonder what that means?

Well, now it’s onward and upward, as I prepare for my radio interview on VOICE AMERICA.  Just a friendly reminder:  I will be featured on “Star Style,” on Wednesday, November 12, 2014.  From 4-5 p.m.  (Pacific Time)  If you miss the “live” interview you can still listen to the program by going to the station’s archive page:                                                       

So what else is new?  Tuesday is Election Day.  (whoopee)   There are troubling signs for both parties…..  On the Democratic side, the Secret Service recently arrested a White House intruder who was jumping over the fence to get OUT of the White House!  At a polling station, another man shouted at the President to “stay away from my girlfriend!”  (Rumor has it that the girlfriend was a Democrat running for re-election!)  The Republicans are in trouble, too.  The party recently suggested that the state of Florida be split into two states!  (They would be known as “Geezerville” and “Methylvania.”)  Breaking bad!

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of hearing about Ebola.  (Oops, poor choice of words!)  I’ll bet that joke almost “flu” over your head!  Anyway, there’s no reason to panic.  Which reminds me, did you hear that New York and New Jersey have banned Peggy Lee’s song “FEVER?”  Jeez, what’s next?  “Touch Me In The Morning?”  Enough is enough!

My own wife has gone crazy, worrying about too much physical contact.  In an effort to distract me, she has recently filled our water bed with bass!  (So much for “luring” me to bed!)  I told her to straighten up or I’d find a female fishing partner.  (I think they’re called “hookers,” but don’t quote me on that.)  Anyway, I hear they fall for any line.  (If I called one of those naughty girls I’d end up in a “cast!”)

Well, enough bad fishing puns and enough medical jargon.  Time to go outside and do some real jargon.  Where are my running shoes?  They ran away?!  (Thank God)  Have a safe and happy week and we will meet again next Sunday.  Love to all,

Doc Yanoff



3 thoughts on “TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING…

  1. Dr. Yanoff, Congrats on your success at the Texas Book Festival….sorry I couldn’t make it down, but I had all day Nana duty at a flag football tournament for my grandson. Of course, you sold completely out of your inventory. You totally charmed the socks off of anyone that got near your tent! l

    Looking forward to seeing you both at Jaime’s brunch next week.

    Cheers, Pat

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  2. I’d love to suffer such a problem, but I did in a smaller way when I did an author talk at the Kiwanis Club in Wilton, CT and ran out of books, or at my church after selling forty of them. My new book, Broken Window, is coming out in February or March, and I will be sure to pack extra books on author talks, which I thought I had! Congratulations on your work and the good feeling of linking up with readers and family.

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