I know, I know, it’s supposed to be “The Birth of a Nation.”  Well, I wasn’t referring to D.W. Griffith, or for that matter, Melanie Griffith.  My “notion” pertains to a new idea I had for a book, which has recently come to life!  Yes, my friends, despite my advanced age, I have become the proud parent of a new bundle of joy, titled, RANSOM ON THE RHONE.  I “delivered” my 6 lb. 3 oz. baby to the publisher on Friday, which was great timing, mainly because the media was going gaga over Chelsea Clinton’s baby girl.  (Her delivery got a little more coverage than mine.  What’s the story with that?)

Charlotte Clinton is a precious little girl and I wish her happiness, health, and success.  I understand that she caused a little ruckus in the maternity ward… apparently she was caught handing out voter registration forms to the infants in the ward!  Half of the babies took the form and half spit up or fell asleep.  This is to be expected, since we live in a country that has become a blue diaper/pink diaper place.  Jeez, can’t we bury the pacifier and just get along?

Speaking of getting along, this past week was another fast-paced affair, centered around the wonderful world of book promotions.  Earlier in the week, I drove up to lovely Georgetown and spoke to a local book club.  The ladies were kind enough to show me around town and buy me lunch.  We went to Roots Bistro, which features a wonderful sandwich called the “Kitchen Sink.”  (Topped with meat, bacon, sausage, spinach, olives, and whatever else is laying around.)  Great place and great sandwich, but if you eat the entire thing, you will need a toilet instead of a sink!  (Just saying.)

After a brief stop at Inner Space Caverns, we drove over to El Monumento, a marvelous watering hole frequented by the Princess of Portugal and Baron Lee, two of my most loyal fans.  If you head up to Georgetown when it’s warm, you should also try to visit the Blue Hole, which is a swimming spot on the San Gabriel River.  Unfortunately, there was no nude swimming.  (I brought the camera for nothing.)  Ah well, such is life.

By the way, I have a wonderful announcement…..  Our blog site (and I do mean “ours” because I could not have done it without you!) has reached a new plateau!  A new level!  The pinochle of success!  We now have…..  (drum roll, please) …..  7,000 blog followers!  I think we might reach 10,000 by spring, but in any case, this is great news.  Again, I would like to personally thank each and every one of my sweet Sunday readers!  If you have any friends that you think would enjoy the blog, please feel free to guide them here!  All are welcome.

When I heard the news about the birth of Charlotte Clinton, I started to think about my own daughters.  (I have two.)  We were debating whether to have a third child, but to be perfectly honest, my wife and I knew very little about S-E-X.  In fact, the only thing my parents told me was that the man goes on top, and the woman on the bottom.  So we went out and bought a bunk bed!  (Man, talk about a long distance relationship!)  Well, all this talk about children has made me bankrupt, I mean hungry, so I must leave you now.  (The pancakes need to be turned over, and my wife is too lazy to step out of the shower, dry off, and flip them over.  Women!)

Have a wonderful week… and as a special surprise, I am attaching (hopefully) the first rendition of the front book cover for RANSOM ON THE RHONE.  Do me a favor, if you can, and let me know what you think.  This is just the first “drawing” but I would love to hear your opinion about the general concept.  Thanks!

Love to all,

Doc Yanoff



3 thoughts on “THE BIRTH OF A NOTION!

  1. I can’t wait to read it!!! We missed you guys this weekend. And I doubt the festival was very good with all the rain anyway. Love Ya!!

  2. Leigh Ann Woodward

    I like the cover but would lighten up the tower so it stands out alittle bit more.

  3. Wonderful blog, Doc! You make my Sundays. 🙂


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