YES, I KNOW THAT SOUNDS CONFUSING…..  However, on Tuesday, April 15th, the moon will become blood red!  How can this be?  Are the Russians invading?  Are we facing another Ukraine?  No, my friends, this is all part of the upcoming lunar eclipse.  Sounds nutty to me.  I’ve heard of a moon beam, Jack Beam, and beam me up, Scotty, but a pink moon beam?  This I have to see.  By the way, in case you’re interested, some enterprising Aggie (a student at Texas A & M University) is selling tickets to the viewing.  Unlimited viewing for only $25.00!  Now is that “out of this world” or what?  Hey, if you brought a watch to the moon, would you be a “lunar-tick?”  Hmmm.

Tuesday’s lunar event means a great deal to me, because as some of you know, when I was in college I was studying to become an astronaut.  Well, I was actually taking up space.  In any case, I know a great deal about heavenly bodies.  (I dated a lot.)  The eclipse will peak at 3 a.m. (eastern time) and will mark the beginning of lunar festival, which will feature 4 consecutive total eclipses happening at about six month intervals!

Let’s come back down to earth for a moment, shall we?  Question:  What is 500 pages long, has 731 endnotes, an incredible plot, brilliant cover, and will soon (around May 1st) be available on,, Kindle, and Nook?  If you said THE SECOND MOURNING (The Untold Story of America’s Most Bizarre Political Murder) you are right!  The book is now in its final stage of production, and since I was forced to read the darn thing, I can assure you that you are going to love this one.

Speaking of historical events…..  last week’s trivia contest was won (thirty seconds after I posted the image!) by…..  Ms. Karen Anne Smith of Lopez Island, Washington.  OMG, do I have some brilliant blog followers.  Within minutes, the correct answer (Hiram College or Hiram Eclectic Institute) was given by Randall Holahan, Larry Wood, and Leigh Ann Woodward!  Three certified geniuses!  Well done, folks.

Here’s today’s trivia question:  What historical “medical person” offered to help President Garfield after he was shot?  (Hint:  The person was a “she.”)  Unfortunately, she wasn’t allowed into the White House, but she did make an effort to help.  First prize will be an autographed copy of THE SECOND MOURNING.  Good luck!

A friendly reminder:  Tuesday, April 15th, is also the day that you must be concerned about dollars and taxes.  (I once went to Dallas, Texas, which is similar, but different.)  I still don’t understand why they call it a “tax return,” when all we do is send them money and seldom get anything in return.  Nonetheless, be a good citizen and send in your returns in a timely and painful fashion.  Does anybody know if you are required to file a return EVERY year?  Just curious.  My account (Jesse James Lipschitz) isn’t sure about that part of the law.

So get this….. my wife went to “Red Box” and got a movie that she thought was about our marriage!  (12 Years A Slave.)  Turns out, it had almost nothing to do with marital bliss.  I enjoyed the movie, and have now re-thought my position on slavery.  I wanted to watch “Gravity,” but my bride “wasn’t down with that!”  (Are these jokes “reel bad?”)

Well, it’s time for breakfast (noon) so I must run.  Enjoy your day and don’t forget to watch the night sky!  Have a safe and wonderful week!   Love to all…..

Doc Yanoff

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