WELL, YOU WOULD THINK THAT AFTER OBTAINING THREE DEGREES FROM TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY….. I would know better than to go on an archaeological expedition with anybody from Indiana.  After all, those Hoosiers think they are “Indiana Jones” on steroids.  (They might be right about being on medication.)  After the purchase and consumption of some local rum, which we were using for medicinal reasons….. (we were “sick” of drinking beer!) we found ourselves wandering around the jungles of Honduras (in semi-darkness) and some of us paid a dear price…..

Let us start with my dear colleagues, the eminent Dr. Talbott, who had the good fortune of stumbling upon some treasure, and his wife, Barbara Talbott, who just stumbled period.  Unfortunately, Mrs. T ran into an unmovable object and broke her middle toe!  Her husband was good enough to “set” the little darling back into place, and after some magic pills, she was almost as good as new.  (Please do not ask how good that might be!)

Anyway, Barbara felt strong enough to play some poker and she actually won FIRST PLACE in the Honduran Poker Invitational and Head-Shrinking Festival.  The locals, or as we say in the field of archaeology, the indigent people, have given Barbara a new name……  Wonder Woman!  (I do wonder how she has managed to survive this long!)

I will spare you the grisly details of our trails and tribulations, but this event was followed by several other minor injuries, which our ship’s doctor (Dr. Murray Klutzman) handled brilliantly……  Would you believe that in one night we experienced……

1.  A serious monkey bite on the arm!

2.  A stingray “bite” on the upper and inner thigh.  (Ouch!)

3.  A case of sunburn, sun-poisoning, and sun-stroke!  (Thank God Dr. Klutzman has a “sunny” disposition!)

In about an hour, I will be sailing on a catamaran to the “Blue Hole” in Belize.  (One of the great dive spots on earth.)  Since I will probably be the only surviving member of our original party, I will keep you informed of my progress in finding “The Lost City of Gold.”   (But right now I would settle for an air-conditioned casino!)   By the way, the weather is nearly perfect, very warm, but no wind at all.  (Should be great for sailing up the coast!)

Well, my dear friends and blog followers, please take care and say a little prayer for me.  (I fear not the elements, but my travel mates are a daring lot!)  Best wishes from the Wild Bunch……    Love to all,

Doc Yanoff


P.S.  Please watch for my ransom note, which will no doubt follow.

2 thoughts on “THE WILD BUNCH!

  1. Loved that medication for a little while! Yikes!!! Great blogs, and what a time we had!!!

    Love you, Barb

  2. Yikes! It’s not like we have an over abundance of friends, so try to do a better job of surviving the cruise. Also, we don’t want to be stuck with the entire bill for Blue Papaya in St. Jjohn! so we need all of you back and healthy by May.

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