The Truth Shall Set Ye Free…

(So will a lenient judge!)


In any case, the truth of which I speak is this:  My San Antonio meeting (with the two

top honchos of Endurance Insurance Group) went quite well, but what I neglected to

mention in my last post is that they were very excited about the actual story told in

THE PRESLEY PLOT, and so they agreed over dinner (grilled quail and rib-eye steak!)

to purchase 300 copies of the book!  (They intend to give them out as gifts to their

employees and some clients)  Needless to say, I was struck speechless.  (No jokes,

please!)  I was so delirious that I almost picked up the check!  Thank God I came to my

senses in time!  But seriously, I was quite touched by their generosity and I am

exceedingly grateful for their support.  Have a safe and wonderful day!

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