Ah, but a painting is worth $37,000,000!  Well, not all paintings, but certainly some

of those painted by Andy Warhol…  Such as the one that recently sold at Sotheby’s in

New York City… Which is aptly entitled:  “DOUBLE ELVIS.”


True enough, a painting of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was recently sold at auction for a

breath-taking price of 37 million buckaroos!  The painting shows Elvis in a

“gunslinger” pose, pointing a pistol toward the viewer.  It was one of about 22

paintings Andy did of Elvis.  (If you recall, Mr. Warhol died in 1987, at 58 years of

age.  Sadly, he died from complications brought on from a routine gallbladder



Well, on a more positive note, you can see that the memory of Elvis (and all that he

represented) is still very much alive and well….  and as many of you know, the man

is selling more records now than when he was alive!    Thus, the beat goes on!


Until next time…    Doc  Yanoff

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