Rollin’ On The River…..

Well, today should be quite interesting — both in a literary and literal sense…

Later this afternoon I shall be driving down to the Riverwalk in San Antonio, where

at dusk, I will be having dinner with the two Executive Vice-Presidents of the

Endurance Insurance Group.  (At Boudro’s on the river.)  I am happy to report that

they are thrilled by my “insurance-related mysteries” and have agreed to allow me full

access to their most bizarre claim-files!  (Which should keep me writing for the next

50 years or so!)  This would be the equivalent of allowing a researcher into the secret

vaults at the Vatican  (Think DaVinci Code) so….  I am very pleased and excited!

I shall, as they say in the cinema, keep you informed, so don’t touch that dial!

(Or, at the very least, come back soon.)


One thought on “Rollin’ On The River…..

  1. Very cool! Looks like you’re going to be busy. It should be interesting creating a plot out of their files. BTW, the posting notification works great, even shows your mug shot.

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