The Return of the Prodigious Son…

Good morning/afternoon buckaroos…


Several folks have asked about my recent trip, so here’s a brief rundown of where I went, what I spent, from this old gent…  Our main stops (sailing aboard the Zuiderdam) were Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.  The water, reef, and diving conditions were simply ideal.  (Bonaire was the best)

We also made stops in the Panama Canal, Colon (a coastal city), and Puerto Limon,

Costa Rica.  (My favorite stop was the banana factory… which held “great appeal” for me personally.)


To answer one of your questions, YES, I wrote a lot during the voyage.  In fact, I knocked out 50 pages and put the finishing touches on book two, MURDER ON MAIDEN LANE.   Since the book deals with the discovery  (a real-life event) of Captain Kidd’s treasure, the environment (at sea) was perfect!

By the way, do you know who Captain Kidd’s favorite clothing designer was?




One thought on “The Return of the Prodigious Son…

  1. Dear Dr. Yanoff

    Given your success with writing for the theater it’s great that you have now turned to the detective novel genre. I can’t wait to read the Presley Plot and your follow-on books!


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