Well, dear friends, we now find ourselves in a brand new year… a year in which all Americans will finally have “20-20 vision!”  I for one intend to skip work today.  I shall simply tell my employer that I have an “eye problem.”  (Thus, I couldn’t see coming to work!)  Yeah, I know, why start the year with another old joke?  Well, I say, why not?  (Jokes don’t get old unless they’re funny!)  Come to think of it, I might get funnier as I age.  (Maybe that’s why my wife starts laughing whenever I take my clothes off.  Just saying.)

Speaking of the New Year, did you know that 24% of Americans stay home on New Year’s Eve?  12% fall asleep before midnight.  54% kiss someone at midnight.  In my house, we do things somewhat differently.  My wife stays home, falls asleep around 9 p.m., and then I kiss myself or whoever happens to be around at the stroke of midnight.  (Hey, at least I celebrate!)

Incidentally, just for the record, America’s favorite holiday is NOT New Year’s Eve, regardless of how much champagne is consumed.  78% of Americans enjoy Christmas the most, 74% like Thanksgiving, 47% pick July 4th., and only 41% say that New Year’s Eve is numero uno.  So there you go.

So what else be new?  Well, since one of my daughters flew off to London and the other flew west to Los Angeles (and Disneyland), I found myself searching for a thrilling holiday adventure… and decided to visit my distinguished brother-in-law, who lives in a charming mansion in Boerne, Texas.  (Boerne is pronounced “Bernie,” and sits in the heart of the lovely Texas Hill Country.)  We had a marvelous time at Rancho McCloskey and consumed quite a bit of wine, beer, and spirits.  Between rounds, I was able to cheat at Trivia Pursuit (which is what my wife refers to as her honeymoon) and won a link of sausage.  (Last year’s prize was bacon.)

Last evening we celebrated the 39th birthday of the Princess of Portugal, and had a lovely dinner at Maddie’s, which used to be called Green Pastures.  The setting (an old Victorian mansion) is charming and the food was pretty darn good.  (I ordered Texas redfish, which is always a treat)  The Princess and her hubby, Baron Lee, will soon be off for a prolonged river voyage down the Nile.  (I was once in denial, myself, but that’s also a long story)  Anyway, we wish them well in Egypt, and hope that the food and accommodations don’t Sphinx!  (They hope to see the Pharaoh that kept correcting his pyramid builders.  King Tut-Tut.)

For those of you that are following my tax deductible trips, please note that our next voyage/book tour is scheduled for the month of February, and will include stops in St. Martin, St. Kitts, Nevis, and Antigua.  I hope to attend one or two book festivals while sampling the local rums, so if you’re in the vicinity, please look for my book table.  (I’m usually near the bathroom)  If you ask for my autograph (in a loud voice) I will buy you some conch fritters, and we can fritter around together.

Before I go, allow me to send my best wishes to Ms. Barbara, my first book editor, who is on the mend from some strenuous sexual activity.  (Not really, but that sounds better than a cold!)  We miss her and her handsome hubby, Max, and hope to see them soon.  Barbara was having a little trouble sleeping, so I sent her a copy of CAPONE ISLAND, and she immediately dozed off.  What cay I say, some of us are born gifted.  (Others have to wait until Xmas for gifts.)

Finally, I would like to dedicate this (vaguely) amusing blog post to a wonderful woman named “Mrs. Bunny,” the late mother of a very close friend of mine.  It was a treat being scolded by her, and she will definitely be missed in Brooklyn and Pennsylvania.  Hang in there, Christine, our thoughts and prayers (and love) are with you!

Well, time to take the grand-children to the park.  (Again!)  Do you realize how rich I would be if my daughter coughed up some babysitting funds?  Actually, the reason I’m taking them to the park is because my daughter is coughing.  (She is suffering from Cedar pollen, which can be quite high this time of year.)  I do hope that the coming year is a GREAT one for all of you and your loved ones….  Thanks for following my blog!

Love to all,

Doc Yanoff



2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Stanley Naftolin

    Always fun to receive your blogs.
    May the new year bring you and the family peace of mind ,good health ,happiness and prosperity. May a Pulitzer be in the offering.
    Be well my friend.
    The Naftolin’s from the North (Molly and Stanley,in case you forget who in the hell are they)

    Sent from my iPhone


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