Well, thanks to the lovely and talented Sheila Niles (my new publicist) I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of wonderful, intelligent, and sweet ladies this past week.  No, I was not at Hooters again!  I was at a marvelous book club in Lakeway, and I spent an enjoyable afternoon discussing my new history book, TURBULENT TIMES.  The ladies (and a few gents) were enthralled by my oratorical skills, and mesmerized by my encyclopedic knowledge of history.  Then again, they might have been staring at my shirt buttons, which were not aligned.  (But very close)  Who knows.  Either way, it was great fun, and I thank Sheila and her incredible friends who were a super audience.  (And thanks for the champagne!)

After my talk, I went to the supermarket, and I had quite an experience.  This hot young lady kept staring at the items I had in my cart, and she would not stop checking me out!  Unfortunately, she was the cashier, so she had to check me out.  Still, I was somewhat flattered when she asked me how my day was going.  (That’s chick language for “I want to ravage you.”)  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating.  (I do write some fiction!)

Speaking of writing…..  If you check out the recent issue of the MANHATTAN USER’S GUIDE, you’ll see that they gave me a wonderful write-up and spoke highly of TURBULENT TIMES.  (Telling their readers and the millions of tourists who use the newsletter that if they were interested in William H. Seward, they “couldn’t do better than Stephen G. Yanoff’s biography, published in April, titled TURBULENT TIMES.)  What a nice surprise, and it’s always great to receive some valuable (free) publicity.  My thanks to the folks in the “Big Apple!”

I’m staring outside right now, and believe it or not, I just saw a snake crawl by on my back porch.  (We have a lot of snakes in Texas.  More than Washington, D.C.)  Anyway, that got me thinking…..  It’s a good thing snakes and dogs don’t interbreed. Nobody wants a loyal snake.  Hssssssss.

And since we’re on the subject of free publicity, some of you folks subscribe to an intriguing publication called Bookmad Magazine.  (One of America’s most popular magazines about all things literary.)  Well, my friends, if you’ll take a close look at the March issue, you’ll find a featured article on…..  yep, you guessed it, TURBULENT TIMES.  The book is generating a lot of “buzz,” so “bee-have” yourself and buy a copy!  (This one’s a real “honey!”)   All right, no more flying insect jokes.

When the world ends, I want to be in Arkansas.  Everything happens twenty years later in Arkansas.  (And the state is actually quite beautiful)

For those of you who might be keeping track of my spring book tours, I will be going east (S. Carolina and Florida) in May, and then it’s off to Maui, Hawaii for a week in June.  The summer trip is fairly well set, and luckily, it involves a return visit to Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey.  I shall provide further details once I have them.  (and before you ask, I am NOT working for Interpol!)  The Mossad, maybe, but not Interpol.

Well, my dear blog followers, I must be on my way…..  Stormy Daniels is on CNN again.  Just remember, adultery is nothing to write home about!  And by the way, it’s okay to live in the moment, as long as you show up on time.  So there.

Have a safe and joyous week!  Love to all,

Doc Yanoff



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