Ah, Texas weather.  What a joy to behold.  Yesterday was sunny and hot (85 degrees!) and today is cloudy and 70 degrees.  So much for water polo.  Mr. Twain was right… everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it!  (He also said that golf is a good walk spoiled!)  I guess I shouldn’t complain, considering what my northern friends are going through.  (There’s no business like snow business!)

Speaking of spoiled, my wife has recently informed me that the Bible says that all men should make coffee for their wives.  (Look under “He-brews!”)  Even the devil can quote scripture for his own purpose!  What can I say, families are like fudge… mostly sweet, with a few nuts.

And since we’re on the subject of sweet nuts, the Princess of Portugal and her fearless traveling companion, Baron Lee, have returned from the former debtor’s colony known as Australia.  All did not go well!  I’m not sure, but I think the Princess may have found a lover!  She sent me several emails about Sydney, which she confessed to adore.  I don’t know who Sydney is, but he sounds like a pervert.  (She said something about enjoying down under, which sounds like a dirty sex act to me!)  If you ask me, they consumed too much Aboriginal food.  Would you believe that Aussie restaurants serve peanut butter & box jellyfish sandwiches?  Croc in-a-box burgers?  Wallaby wings? How about Kangaroo beer?  (A lot of “hops!”)  G’day, mate, not for me!

On a more delirious note, you might be wondering how I’ve become America’s most award-winning mystery novelist.  (Aside from the bribery thing)  Well, if you’re curious, you can participate in the 4th Annual Mystery & Thriller Virtual Conference, which is now enrolling folks online.  This wonderful event is sponsored by Writer’s Digest.  (Or you can simply “Google” my radio interviews @ “Books By Stephen G.   Either way, you’re sure to enjoy the valuable insights provided by a host of famous writers.  (and a few wannabes from Texas!)

Since you mentioned books…..  I have a special surprise for all of my 65,000 blog followers…..  later today, or perhaps tomorrow, there will be a special press release about a major literary award heading this way.  I am not at liberty to say much right now, but this is a HUGE award.  If you’re on the blog, or I have your email, stay tuned!

On a more serious note, I would like to extend my condolences to the family of Ken Evans, who passed away on Saturday.  Ken was a great guy, an amazing poker player, and one of my biggest fans.  He read and enjoyed all my books, and he was always a great friend and supporter of mine.  I wish his family comfort and peace, and I wish my dear poker buddy pocket aces for eternity!

If anybody is going downtown today, be mindful that we (Austin) are hosting yet another festival, so the traffic will not be good.  Also, don’t forget that we are now dealing with daylight savings time.  You must remember to set your clocks back before you go to bed tonight.  (“Spring back, fall ahead”)  I think that’s the way it goes.  Maybe you’d better check that.

Finally, since I have ruined Australia’s reputation, I would like to leave you with some photographs of the aforementioned couple during their “brief fling” with Sydney.  I’m not sure what the owls represent, but check out the Princess of Portugal and her hooters… quite large….  (enough said!)

Have a lovely week.  Love to all,

Doc Yanoff




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