Well, as Saint Augustine once said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  With that in mind, I shall soon begin packing for the 2017 Spring Fling Book Tour.  (A creation of my publicist, Blind Lemon Lefkowitz.)  “Lefty” has arranged for stops in Boca Raton, Amelia Island, Savannah, and Charleston.  This time, however, our party will be staying in historic Bed & Breakfast Inns, as opposed to Motel 6.  The inns are quite lovely, and designed to showcase the Southern theme of the tour.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, I am returning to the Lowcountry to pick up a literary award for my last “Adam Gold Mystery,” titled, A RUN FOR THE MONEY. The book was chosen as a FINALIST in the 2016 Beverly Hills International Book Award Contest.  There were 3,700 entrants, so I was quite happy to be chosen, and greatly appreciate the huge cash award.  (Which I intend to spend on shrimp and grits!)

Speaking of books, (as usual) the newly revised, re-edited, and rejuvenated edition of THE SECOND MOURNING will soon be available to the public!  The book has been re-issued, showing three of the gold medals that it won on the front cover.  The manuscript has also been “cleaned” and some new descriptive information added.  If you enjoyed the first edition, you will definitely want a copy of this little darling.  Copies should be available in mid-May.

The first reviews of TURBULENT TIMES have been phenomenal, and once again, I am very appreciate.  (The NYT review was simply outstanding!)  The winner of an autographed hard-copy book (for posting the first review on Amazon.com) was none other than…..  Baron Lee Bomblatus of Round Rock, Texas!  Congratulations, Lee, and thank you very much for all of the kind words.  My own mother could not have been more gracious, even after receiving my recent bribe!  Women!

Which reminds me, if you are a loyal blog follower (and wish me to keep living in the style to which I am not accustomed) then PLEASE take a moment to leave a nice review on either Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com    In all seriousness, good reviews generate more advertising dollars from the publisher.  And they improve your chances of getting into heaven.  (I have friends in very high places!)

And since we are on the subject of heaven, allow me to mention that I recently had my first “Asian Foot Massage,” which was incredible, but somewhat mis-named.  The wonderful masseuse was not Asian, nor did I have my feet massaged.  However, I was massaged by the beautiful and talented Melinda Perez, and she used HER feet to loosen my body parts!  Man, that was really a treat, and the results were splendid.  Miss Melinda works in Austin, and is definitely the BEST masseuse in Texas, so if you live in town, give her a try.

Incidentally, if you’re wondering why I began this blog with a quote from Saint Agustine, it’s because I am currently reading a book about saints.  (A research project for my next Adam Gold mystery, titled CAPONE ISLAND.)  ST. Agustine must have made a lasting impression on folks, because they named entire city after him in the state of Florida.  I forget the name of the city, but it might be Tallahassee.  Or maybe it was Port St. Lucie.  Dang, it’s right on the tip of my tongue.

Finally, my visit (and mini-lecture) at the Texas State Cemetery was a huge success.  If you haven’t been down to the cemetery, you’re the dead-beat, because it’s quite lovely and historic.  Among others, it holds the remains of Barbara Jordan, Chris Kyle, and the big guy himself, Stephen F. Austin.  Believe it or not, they also named a city after Stephen F. Austin, but once again, the name escapes me.  I am happy to report that the grounds were immaculate and I was very proud to be invited to give a little talk about Texas history.  The Lone Star State rocks!

In closing, I would like to mention that I had NOTHING to do with the recent robbery at the H.E.B. Pharmacy at Four Points.  Last Friday, thieves broke into the store and stole a ton of Viagra.  (The police are now looking for a gang of “hardened” criminals!)

Well, that last joke might have been a “bitter pill” to swallow, so I shall now sign off until next Sunday.  Please have a safe and joyous week, and keep those cards and letters (and cash) coming!  Love to all,

Doc Yanoff





  1. Congratulations.  See you in LA

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