Just a friendly reminder that my interview with the fantastic Linda Thompson will be available for public consumption on Tuesday, March 1, 2016.  All you have to do is go to the website of the show (www.authorsshow.com) and look for my name.  THE AUTHORS SHOW is a phenomenal program, and I’m sure you will enjoy the interview.  Furthermore, one lucky listener is going to receive a complete set of the “Adam Gold Mysteries!”  (autographed and suitable for framing… or reading!)  During the interview, we discuss my history book, THE SECOND MOURNING, and a number of other interesting topics, so be there or be square!  And don’t forget to drop me a line, to tell me if you enjoyed the program.  (One name will be drawn from those who respond.)

By the way, the winner of last week’s “photo trivia contest” was Abigail Russell, from Dover, England.  Ms. Russell was the first blog follower to correctly identify the location, which was…..  the island of St. John in the lovely Caribbean.  She even got the beach right!  (Scott Beach on Caneel Bay)  Congratulations, Abigail!  Your Jaguar is on the way.  (Gosh, I hope she has a cage!)

Well, my friends, I must run.  (or walk)  Heading down to the Cove Boutique on Congress Avenue in Austin for some brunch with the head honcho.  (and lovely young lady named Rebecca Yanoff)  I do hope she picks up the tab.  (she sure is heck is making more money than her old man!)

You folks have a safe and wonderful week, and we shall speak again next Sunday.

Love to all,

Doc Yanoff


*****  P.S.   The first person to correctly identify the location in the attached photo will win a HUGE Trump-like prize!



2 thoughts on “HEAR YE! HEAR YE!

  1. Hey.   Steveie   Steve.    I love your writing…           Happpy Birthday to your amazing mom!!    Im currently in Miami.   Some filming for my new reality series for HULU…..Crashin with Johnny V.   Im in Fort Lauderdale.    Hope to get to see you and Ronnie and Glenn.    Best to you and your family……Jonathan Venokur 

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  2. jaimerubenstein@gmail.com

    So happy for you! You and your book definitely deserve all the awards. I nominated The Second Mourning for my bookclub…they seemed very interested I hope they’ll select it! This is a different book club than the one I was in before…a much more informed group of women.

    Jaime Rubenstein
    512-712-5569 (H)
    512-994-9451 (C)

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