Have any of you folks taken that darn “Ice Bucket Challenge?”  Well, I just did, and it did not end well.  I thought it be funny to check the “Bucket Challenge” off of my “Bucket List,” but I wound up in trouble with the law.  Would you believe that I got arrested for water-boarding myself?  I refused to press charges against myself, but I still received a summons.  Incredibly, the summons was for watering myself during the drought.  We can only water on even-numbered days during the present drought, which is actually odd.  Who knew?

On a lighter note (7lbs. 14 oz.) baby Olivia Hogan made her grand entrance last Wednesday, and I am happy to report that baby, mother, and dad, are all doing fine!  What a gorgeous baby girl, and brilliant, too.  When I walked into the maturity ward, I found the little darling reading one of my books!  (THE SECOND MOURNING)  I thought it was charming that her grandmother (Judge Susan) is putting her to sleep by reading my book.  I just hope she doesn’t drool on any of the pages.  (Olivia, not Judge Susan.)

Since we’re on the subject of salivating, you don’t have to wait any longer to listen to either one of my highly enjoyable radio interviews!  Both interviews can be found by going to Google and logging onto:    The first interview covers DEVIL’S COVE, my third “Adam Gold Mystery.”  The second interview covers THE SECOND MOURNING, my non-fiction masterpiece.  Each interview is approximately 30 minutes in length, and I mentioned your name!  (If your last name is Garfield.)

And speaking of proud events….. last Thursday we celebrated Rebecca Yanoff’s 30th birthday, and it was fantastic!  We dined at a wonderful Italian restaurant and drank a couple of bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne.  Our honored guest (Rebecca) looked stunning as always, and from what I hear, she intends to continue celebrating her birthday for at least two more weeks!   (Like father, like daughter!)

Check this out….. Last night (Saturday) I brought my wife to a dance club.  There was this guy showing off on the dance floor – doing cartwheels, back flips, and head stands!  My wife turns to me and says:  “Would you believe that guy proposed to me 25 years ago?”  She goes on to say that she turned him down flat.  I paused, then said, “Looks like he’s still celebrating.”  (I’ll be right back, I need some more ice… )

Wow, I just heard a television reporter ask President Obama to explain his position on beheading.  Mr. Obama said, “Funny you should ask.  I’ll “be heading” to the golf course this morning!”

Well, I must take my leave as I promised my wife that I would drive her to the mall.  She wants to buy an escalator!  (She heard that they were marked “down.”)  Put down that rolling pin, honey!

A final thought for my wonderful blog followers…..  If your dog doesn’t like someone, you probably shouldn’t either!  I hope this wasn’t a “ruff” way to end my blog!  Until next week, take care, and love to all…..

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One thought on “THE ICEMAN COMETH!

  1. Leigh Ann Woodward

    You are the craziest guy but we all love you anyway. Great blog this morning. The jokes with stay with me all day.

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