Well, as usual, my earlier blog post was only half-published. (Perhaps because it was written by a half-wit?) In any case, I was about to discuss my Thanksgiving Day dinner when I was rudely interrupted. In order to get my wife in a proper festive mood, I offered to buy her a Plymouth. (Hey, Plymouth rocks!) I don’t think she fully appreciated my generous gesture, because she gave me the bird! (No, not the one on the plate) Then she threatened to knock the stuffing out of me! We pilgrims have not made much progress. (You’ll be thankful that I have no more lame holiday puns!

And speaking of joyous occasions…. allow me to wish Ms. Christine Nickles (one of my oldest and dearest friends) a very happy birthday! Christine and I were partners in crime during my twenty-year stint in New York City. (When I was working in the high risk insurance business.) She is the lovely lass who introduced me to Bison steaks and some very good Merlot.

Speaking of New York City, I am proud to report that my recent literary masterpiece, titled, GONE BEFORE GLORY, was recently chosen as a “2022 DISTINGUISHED FAVORITE” in this year’s New York City Big Book Award Contest! The substantial prize money (and all of this year’s royalties) will be donated to some very worthy charities, so if you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift (and want to do a good deed) now is the time to order any one of my brilliant books.

Time to watch the news, just to see what I missed last week. Which reminds me, why do they call it a TV set when you only have one? Seems a bit odd to me.

If you’re tempted to run off to the gym, to work off some of those pumpkin pie calories, just remember that being healthy is merely the slowest way of dying. Just saying.

In closing, I have a great deal to be thankful for, including some loyal blog followers. Enjoy your upcoming week and stay happy and healthy. (outside the darn gym!)

Love to all,

Doc Yanoff

4 thoughts on “TURKEY AND CAICOS, PART 2

  1. Safe travels home and congrats on the honors…well deserved! Appreciated the birthday wishes…thank you, dear friend. Be well..take care ❤ 🙂

  2. dkspratt@aol.com

    Always enjoy seeing what you’re up to and what Patty has to put up with! Just saying. My little clan will be back from Mexico in a few weeks. I’m so over the moon that they will be home for Xmas! Hugs to you both. Sue and Dick

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  3. Rosemarie Quaranta

    Stephen, Very nice to hear from you, as I always enjoy you blog posts. Congratulations for having your book chosen as a distinguished favorite.! We have a Caribbean cruise scheduled for next week, and I know you have one in February. Enjoy ! Rosemarie and Joe


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