Greetings from lovely Rosemary Beach, which is approximately 5,000 miles from the Danube, but my present location. (Hence I shall be making some beach and river jokes!) We are still basking in the joy of our recent adventure in central Europe, which began in Budapest, Hungary (where I was always hungry!) and then continued onward through Vienna, Passau, Regensburg, and finally to Prague, the lovely capital of the Czech Republic. Our means of transport was the beautiful river ship, SS BANKRUPTCY, so-named due to the cost of the cabins! (The actual name of the ship was the SS Beatrice.) The cabins, service, food, and wine were all first class, and Uniworld Cruises should definitely take a bow. (or a stern, up to them.)

As I have often said, the best part of travel is meeting fellow travelers and borrowing money you have no intention of repaying. (Just kidding about the loot!) On this particular voyage, we met some GREAT couples from all across America, and as usual, their friendship was the best part of the trip. Our “best buddies” were Sue and Richard from White Salmon, Washington. Sue is an extremely talented woman who produces lovely stained-glass artwork, and Richard may have been the friendliest man I’ve ever met. What a wonderful couple to meet and spend the week with, enjoying lots of sausage and beer!

I’d also like to publicly thank some other folks for sharing their voyage with us and providing lots of laughs and brilliant conversation. (Unless I was talking!) So… a big shout out to… Linda and Greg (who can be seen on “America’s Most Wanted.”)… Rebekah and John (from sunny Florida)… Dr. Andrew Gurman, past president of the AMA… The “Marvelous Marshaks” (Stephen is known as the “painless dentist.”) Mainly because HE never feels a thing! And… all the rest of the terrific passengers who put up with some very OLD jokes night after night. (Hey, they were a captured audience!)

Several of my loyal blog followers have asked which port was the prettiest, but to tell you the truth, they were all wonderful. If I had to pick the most impressive scenery, I’d say the cruising day through the picturesque Wachau Valley was numero uno. The highlight of the entire voyage was finding one of my mystery books (RANSOM ON THE RHONE) in a local bookstore in Vienna. (Translated into German!) I probably should have bought a copy, but I’ve already read the book. (The English version)

The second round of European book tours and wine guzzling will start in August, whence I shall be making a grand entrance in Positano, Italy, Paris, France, and London, England. (assuming my books have not been banned!) Needless to say, I am really looking forward to another adventure. The temperatures down here in Texas have been close or above 100 degrees for the last three weeks! (I may have to go back to Israel for some cooler weather!)

If you’ll take a moment to scroll down, you might find some charming photographs taken in Central Europe. (you never know with my technical ability!) I’d like to wish everyone a fabulous July 4th, and hope you greatly appreciate living in the GREATEST country on Earth. Happy Birthday, America! You’re still the most beautiful thing in the galaxy!

Speaking of beautiful….. this particular blog is dedicated to my wonderful Aunt Gladys, the most beautiful “second mother” any author could want! Lots of love from your little firecracker! I hope all you folks in Nashville have a blast this weekend. (a modest blast will suffice) I love this holiday, but I’m glad I don’t have a short fuse! (These happen to be patriotic jokes, so you could at least chuckle!)

Take care and don’t eat too many hot dogs! Love to all,

Doc Yanoff


  1. Elizabeth Marshak

    I loved this letter….laughed out loud. Be well and have fun.



  2. christine nickles

    Wonderful pictures! Your cruise sounds wonderful but I’m anxiously waiting for the August adventures. Enjoy and stay safe ❤

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