Greetings from the Mile-High City, where the winners of the 23 ANNUAL CIPA BOOK AWARDS were recently announced.  The CIPA Awards are recognized as one of the most prestigious literary contests in the nation, and the contest attracts over 8,000 entries from around the globe.  Generally speaking, prizes are awarded for the books that best demonstrate story, character, content, and production values.  Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded to the top 3 books in each category.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that my new history book, TURBULENT TIMES (The Remarkable Life of William H. Seward) has won the BRONZE medal for “The Third Best U.S. History Book of 2017.”  This is truly a great honor, and I am very appreciative.  The competition was fierce, and there were many great books submitted, so I am really thankful for the recognition.

The awards ceremony featured some wonderful speakers and a gala banquet, and helped raise money for CIPA’s nonprofit charitable foundation whose purpose is to facilitate and support child and adult literacy and education.  A very worthwhile cause!

Speaking of worthwhile causes…..  As you know, Houston was battered by Hurricane Harvey, and the city’s residents are now in need of some serious funding.  In order to help out, I have made a special arrangement with my publisher, and I am happy to announce that from now to the end of the year, ALL royalties generated from ALL of my books, will be donated to the various charities supporting the good people of Houston.  This includes ALL of my mystery novels, and my two award-winning history books!  So….  if you haven’t bought a book yet, now is the time to act!  I can personally assure you that your purchase will facilitate your entrance into heaven at a (much) later date!   (I have friends in VERY high places!)

And speaking of “high places,” (other than Denver, where marijuana is legal) one my old high school friends, now residing in Florida, Steven Mairano, is close to completing his first movie!  The movie is titled, HOME STRETCH, and it is a comedy about a poor fellow who is forced into the “dating scene” after 40 years of marriage.  Steven hopes to end filming on a “high note,” so if you would like to help him finance his labor of love, you may contact him at:

So what’s the story with Kim Jong Un?  I just heard that he’s working on a Hydrangea Bomb!  (I guess this would make him a “petal pusher?”)  If you ask me, the poor lad suffers from “Projectile Dysfunction.”  In any case, we should just give him his own reality show and wish him well.  (In fact, he could link up with Kim Jong Kardashi-Un!)  Sum Ting Wong with that boy!

By the way, before I go, I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to two brave souls…  My brother-in-law, Mark McCloskey (and his wife Mayvic) who lost their lovely beach home in Rockport last week, and my friend, Tyler Marquess, whose house is in jeopardy because of the raging wildfire in California.  Hang in there, folks!  We are all pulling for you!  This too shall pass.

Well, let’s hope that Miss Irma stays away from the U.S. and decides to head out to sea next week.  Another hurricane would not be good at this time.  (or for that matter, any time.)  As some of you know, I went to college in Corpus Christi, Texas, and then spent many years fooling around with marine archaeology in Port Aransas and Rockport.  (My father-in-law owned a lot of land in that area)  I know the residents quite well, and I can assure you that they will be back on their feet in the very near future.  They are smart, resourceful, and tough as nails.  Trust me, you don’t mess with Texas!  God bless them all!

Y’all take care and we shall speak again soon.  Love to all,

Doc Yanoff


P.S.  Would you like to see what my Bronze Medal looks like?  Well, too bad, I’m posting it anyway!



2 thoughts on “BIG DOINGS IN DENVER!

  1. Your award is beautiful & you should post it. What an achievement. God bless Texas and here’s to everyone getting back on their feet quickly.

  2. My very dear friend congratulations. You are a mensch of menches!😊❤️👌

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